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Blackout Another 'Pre-Warning Harking Back To Mysterious Similar Event In 1965

By Michael H. Brown

Earlier this week I was typing the last section of a novel I've been writing, off and on, since 1984. I mention it because the part I had to type this week included a scene in which a blackout that starts in Upstate New York triggers massive outages.

No doubt part of the reason I have a scene like that in the book is because I was born in Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- and vividly remember the great blackout of 1965 that was triggered up there by forces that remain unknown. That outage also blacked out New York City -- along with Washington, D.C. and Boston. I lived just a few miles from the transmission lines that they pinpointed as the cause.

Other aspects of the novel are not so readily explained. The book has gone through tremendous transformations, but started out as a story based on a force that was attempting to detonate what we now call a "dirty bomb" in the Niagara area (a place I fictionalize as "Bricktown"). It involved strange lights in the sky, a spiritual battle, and later, in its permutations, included DNA manipulation, something like "mad cow," and a situation similar to what has become known as the West Nile virus (I had a scene in which infected birds and insects were released along the Eastern seaboard).

This was all years before September 11. I guess it was all there in the "ether," and if nothing else, I can attest to the fact that Niagara Falls is a spiritual battleground. I'm not sure this most recent blackout really started there. That's what they initially said.  "Whatever it is, it isn't terrorism," said the F.B.I. immediately after the outage. This reminded me of Flight 800, the Queens plane crash right after 9/11, anthrax, and Amtrak mishaps that have been quickly explained as anything but terrorism. I recall how Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that the Queens plane crash was not terrorism less than an hour after the crash took place -- as firemen were still on the scene amid smoldering rubble.

But back to the spiritual element: whether it was a simple technological glitch or an act of sabotage -- whether events occur by way of man or nature -- they are all part of a pattern in which God is trying to warn us. This is true from the fires in New Mexico (which had also been described in the novel) to the heat wave that has killed 3,000 in France alone during the past two weeks (a number as great as the death toll on September 11).

As for the 1965 blackout and its spiritual aspect, Niagara Falls has long been the place of extraordinary battles, and has seen tremendous upheaval since Indian times (the power company is Niagara Mohawk). The battle is at an invisible level. There's even a part of the river right next to the power plant that is called Devil's Hole. Power seems to emanate from this area in more ways than electricity. There are all kinds of stories about the supernatural, along with what the Indians called "spirit lights." During the Great Blackout of 1965, there were numerous reports of luminous objects in the sky over a transformer station that some thought triggered the glitch. They claimed it was "UFOs," which we believe are actually a spiritual deception.

Testified Dr. James E. McDonald before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics on July 29, 1968: "I interviewed a woman in Seacliff, N.Y. She saw a disk hovering and going up and down. And then shooting away from New York just after the power failure. I went to the Federal Power Commission for data, they didn't take them seriously although they had many dozens of sighting reports for that famous evening. There were reports all over New England in the midst of that blackout, and five witnesses near Syracuse, N.Y., saw a glowing object ascending within about a minute of the blackout. First they thought it was a dump burning right at the moment the lights went out. It is rather puzzling that the pulse of current that tripped the relay at the Ontario Hydro Commission plant has never been identified, but initially the tentative suspicion was centered on the Clay Substation of the Niagara Mohawk network right there in the Syracuse area, where unidentified aerial phenomenon has been seen by some of the witnesses."

Be all that as it may be, here in the eastern part of the state where I now live the lights dimmed and came back Thursday afternoon and dimmed again. As we raced to shut down the computers, the power went out. A helpless feeling -- the second time it has happened to us in eight months. The last was during during the winter in a horrendous ice storm that deprived us of electricity for 14 hours. And that came during an incredible winter that nearly had us stranded in a car during a Christmas Day blizzard that dumped more than two feet of snow in a few hours. Fortunately, the blackout here lasted just a few minutes, but in the event of similar future events, we have instituted a second site on the West Coast, and it can be accessed, if this site is down, through www.spiritdaily.org.

Ah, signs of the times. No? If not, what? Coincidence? That starts to strain credulity. Right now, we are being prepared; we are being given pre-warnings. Europe. China. And of course, North America -- home of cloning, pornography, and the new battlefield over gay marriage. Before any global catastrophe, events will intensify at a regional level.

This isn't to frighten -- and will frighten no one with trust in God.

It is simply to observe what is going on around us.

What a helpless feeling: trying to drive but finding all the street lights out and traffic confused and the largest stores -- the supermarket! -- closed so that we have to make do with leftovers. Thank goodness, we keep a small reserve of cash for just such events, and so were able to make a purchase at a smaller store (credit and debit cards were suddenly useless).

What about all those who have warned that in coming chastisements our infrastructure will be disrupted, that we will find out how delicate our technology is, that we will see ourselves reduced to a simpler way of life?

They are correct: One day in the future, the infrastructure will fail in a much greater way. These are all pre-signals and will graduate in the weeks and months and years to come, showing us Who is really in charge. 

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Sept 2003