Me and the Blair Witch

by Michael H. Brown

       Last year my wife and I made the stupid decision to see The Blair Witch Project, a strange movie about a group of young people seeking after the legend of a hag who lived in the woods -- and by the end of the movie claimed their lives. We usually stay away from occult movies, but for some reason went to see what this one was all about.

       It was not just a movie. It was a fountain of evil vibes. Afterward I felt like we had been hexed. There was an actual sensation of voodoo that lasted for more than 24 hours. And this brings up a crucial point: movies are not just negative to our intellects but also to our spirits. When we watch evil we are in its orbit. We are touched by it. Actual energy comes from the screen (or television set or radio or computer). They channel spirits.

       And when we allow exposure to something that's wicked, an evil charisma rubs off.

      Now the Blair Witch is returning with a sequel that as I recall involved an advertisement with an actual voodoo curse.

       And that's dangerous. We may not realize it, but like fleas on a dog, spirits are attached to movies and jump onto us. You may think that's superstitious, but just start keeping track of your moods after watching a movie or television, and what happens to you. Suddenly a good day turns into one with missteps, accidents, and tension.

       When we are exposed to the forces of evil -- whether in person or through the media -- it affects us.

       It also attracts us. That's what Satan is all about: seduction. He is the Shining Darkness. He glitters like Darth Vader and draws us to the "silver screen" with his evil charisma.

       When Satan is portrayed in movies, or when there are demonic creatures (as in so many movies), the aura of wickedness is whisked upon us like a brown dust. 

       The same happens when we watch movies that involve lewdness, nudity, sex, or that glorify wealth and violence.

       Unfortunately, the majority of movies coming out of Hollywood -- witness our headline story -- are anointed by the evil one. He honors those who honor him and grants them all kinds of success. He can give the kingdoms of the world! But one day Hollywood --and everyone else who purveys the charisma of the devil -- is going to have him to pay.

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