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The Gift of Prophecy, by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, the famous, dynamic priest who has written numerous highly popular booklets gives us here insights into how to tap into prophecy, the closeness with God, discerning the fruits, as well as interviews and testimony on a most intriguing gift! Spiritual Healing of the Family, by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, the highly popular, charismatic priest takes a look at how we can heal our families of spiritual disorders, how we must learn to pray for this, how to approach inner healing, and how first we have to heal ourselves. He also discusses how to purge negative spirits that may be haunting marriages.
(78  pp)  $7.00      (47 pp)  $5.00  

The Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist  by Father Robert DeGrandis, the wonderful book brings forth the deep, heavenly insight into God's greatest gift of love for the human race - the Holy Eucharist.   CDs: Healing Through Rosary, by Father Robert DeGrandis, with Cecilia Kittley, actually two CDs with music that includes the "Ave Maria. Fr. DeGrandis is a member of the Society of St. Joseph and has traveled worldwide in the charismatic Catholic community. He has many gifts, with deliverance and healing through prayer among them!
 (70  pp)  $5.00   (two CDs)  $17.00 

Failure in Your Life by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, how to overcome 'failure' and realize it's failure only if we treat it that way -- and don't grow from it! We're not perfect; God knows that! Here are some ways not to let it get you down! Resting in the Spirit by Father Robert DeGrandis In this valuable book Father Degrandis explores the very biblical foundation of being "slain" in the Spirit and its precedents with bishops and saints. It's a book that explains and clarifies!
 (25 pp)   $2.00   (132 pp)   $5.95       

CD: Sing and Pray for Healing, by Fr. Robert DeGrandfis and Cecilia Kittley, a powerful and popular CD of healing using music and a guide for prayers that effect emotional, intellectual spiritual, relational, and physical healing -- including how to heal through the Lord's Prayer. Fr. DeGrandis is a noted charismatic priest who has traveled the world and written many highly popular booklets! Forgiveness Is Healing, by Father Robert DeGrandis, an extremely short but equally neat and insightful and powerful -- and popular -- booklet with a truly potent, encompassing, and effective healing prayer -- for those who want to open the channels for true advancement in the Holy Spirit and healing of stubborn problems and even physical ailments that may have long plagued them,. along with a lack of peace!
  (CD)  $14.95      (9 pp)   $2.00   

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Mercy, CD, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy by Fr. Robert DeGrandis and Cecilia Kittley, songs, stories, and prayers based on the famous revelations to St. Faustina -- the chaplet itself, songs about marriage, about relatives, an uplifting way to reach deeper devotion with a specially anointed priest who has traveled the world in a healing ministry that has reached hundreds of thousands!  


The Gift of Miracles,  Fr. Robert DeGrandis (with Linda Schubert), a book that finally addresses the miracles available to us, that have happened to others, with testimonies and pointers on unleashing the power of God. What are miracles? What are their characteristics? What are the "action steps"? Have miracles occurred in places like Medjugorje? How do we pray for them?

 (CD)   $14.95   (150 pp)   $10.00 


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By a Miracle They Were Changed Forever, by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, the bestselling priest teams with Linda Schubert to give us inspirational, fascinating, insightful stories of 'coincidence,' healing, deliverance, marital help, and physical, and emotional healing -- examples of God's incredible and transforming grace!  


The Ten Commandments of Prayer, by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, a little booklet with potent small pointers on how to make prayer all the more effective, how to approach it, how to be spontaneous, the pace at which we should pray, the importance of sincerity, the role of the Bible, and how we should set patterns so that we have particular times during which we reserve communication with Our Lord!
(61 pp)  $3.00    (33 pp)  $3.00    

The Rosary Heals: Untold Stories of Jesus,  by Fr. Robert DeGrandis and Eugene Koshenina, a dynamic compendium that shows how the accounts of the life of Jesus can bring a spiritual force into our lives by meditating on the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries of Christ, by the bestselling priest and charismatic expert who has traveled the world with his potent ministry!  


Miracle Moments,  by Linda Schubert, powerful prayers of healing and hope from the bestselling author of 'Miracle Hour.' This book is an invitation to prayer that will help us to see, know, and experience the Heart of God. To redeem failure. To heal relationships. To strengthen marriage. For physical healing. Emotional healing. Times of trouble. Linda always provides useful insights and potent way of praying.
(122 pp)  $7.95     (48 pp)  $3.50   

Renewed by the Holy Spirit,  by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, testimonies of priests -- nine of them -- touched by the Lord in a direct way:  inspirational, well-written, a booklet that will bring hope and comfort as we see how the Holy Spirit touches our shepherds and can do the same in our lives!

(123 pp)  $6.00       




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