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From The Mailbag: An Angel's Booming Voice

During the Christmas Season of 1988, I was driving home from a friend's home with my boyfriend snoring in the passenger's seat from too much drink.  It was late at night and the streets of Calgary were fairly deserted that night.  My car was the sole vehicle traveling on that road when I heard a loud booming voice in the car commanding me to hit the breaks.  I obeyed that voice instinctively but remember questioning why I was doing so.  

The major intersection was still a few blocks away and there was no traffic whatsoever.  Regardless of these thoughts, I obeyed the command and started easing on the brakes and no sooner had my vehicle come to a stop than a police vehicle roared around the corner of the intersection at very high speed, lights flashing and sirens blaring four lanes wide directly into my lane coming straight for me.  I had brought my vehicle to a full stop 3/4 of the block away from the intersection and the police car screeched to a halt a couple of feet from me.  Had I not obeyed this command it would have been a head-on collision. 

God sent His angel to watch over me that night.

Deborah Janveaux

Ontario, Canada


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