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They are back again, those rumblings, which we have been reporting upon for several years, but which now seem to be evolving into mysterious "booms."

Mere rumblings have become, it seems, larger sounds.

Are they natural? Are they seismic? Are they from hydraulic "fracking" (the disruption of the earth's shallow layers for oil)?

In some cases, yes: quakes have been erupting in areas of Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas and elsewhere where there is fracking (and the concomitant deep wastewater disposal wells). Also: Pennsylvania. [See here.] How many times have we mentioned the prediction (concerning future events) of "strange loud rumblings"?

"Call it the case of the mysterious boom," reported a news station in Luzerne County.

"Folks in the back mountain heard a loud rumble, some even saying it shook their home. It takes a lot to wake up 12-year-old Kendra Steltz of Lake Township. 'I was sleeping and all I heard was a big bang,' she said. A big bang heard by more than just her. Many of you let Newswatch 16 know you heard the loud boom as well. 'Afterwards me and my daughter got into the car, and drove around the neighborhood to check out people’s houses and we saw nothing else so it was a mystery to us what it possibly could have been,' said Alice Steltz. People in Lake Township say what’s even more surprising, is that no one has been able to figure out what exactly it was.

Just Monday (12/12/15): reports of small quakes at the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts. In that case: seismicity. It registered as a magnitude-2.

But many other cases seem unrelated to anything seismic.

It used to be "rumblings." Now it's "booms."

"A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frightening livestock," reported the Associated Press last week (1/9/15). "Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said a series of booms, much like a sonic boom, rattled the Norman area starting at 11:19 a.m. Friday. Numerous others had been reported Thursday in the  same area at about the same time." "It sounded like thunder, you could feel the ground shake, but it was nothing like an earthquake," said one witness.

Well, being in Oklahoma, one still thinks of all the intrusions into the ground for that sacrosanct fluid we call oil.

But what about other places, where there is no fracking? What about booms in Greene County, Tennessee, where the local television station asked, "Have you felt the ground shake followed by a loud boom this week? You're not the only one. Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Executive Officer Dean Flener confirmed Thursday that Morristown Emergency Management Agency had reports of the boom sound Tuesday that came from a 1,000 square-mile area."

Coming this time of the year, are they simply frostquakes -- or "cryoseism," a sudden cracking of frozen soil?

Is there something very mysterious happening way down there in the earth -- beneath even those deep waste wells; something we don't understand; something seismologists can't measure? Can it even have spiritual connotations? (In western Connecticut, a town known for its mysterious rumblings was known by Indians as a place of evil spirits causing the subterranean echoing).

"Mystery booms rattle Pennsylvania town," said the headline from another news station near Lancaster, where residents said sounds like dynamite seemed to be coming from various directions at the same time.

If it's from the ground, it may be the prelude to a truly unusual future quake -- coming, as the sounds do, not only from places in North America (from Canada to Florida, California to New Jersey), but also Europe. At the same time, the fact that there is often no seismic pulse, nor surety that it's from the ground, lends to speculation it may be atmospheric: if not secret military flights, perhaps an effect of solar radiation interacting with the geomagnetic sphere: the "northern lights" are known, for example, to create an electronic hum. Might something be causing a far more audible effect? And if so, why the sudden disturbances?

Last year (2014), the number of major quakes around the world actually dropped (sixty percent from the year before). Does that mean anything? Does it negate a geophysical explanation? Or is it a calm before a "storm"?

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[Footnote: "A team of United States Geological Survey scientists analyzed changes in the rate of earthquake occurrence using large USGS databases of earthquakes recorded since 1970," says a government report. "The increase in seismicity has been found to coincide with the injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells in several locations, including Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Much of this wastewater is a byproduct of oil and gas production and is routinely disposed of by injection into wells specifically designed and approved for this purpose. Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as 'fracking,' does not appear to be linked to the increased rate of magnitude 3 and larger earthquakes. Although wastewater injection has not yet been linked to large earthquakes (M6+), scientists cannot eliminate the possibility."]

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