New book traces occult influence on famous men and 'dark brotherhood' 

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         An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Monteith, claims in a new book that secret societies have been engineering a "new world order" with the goal of establishing a single occult system.

         According to the book, Brotherhood of Darkness, there are a number of organizations working towards what seems more like a spiritual than human conspiracy. Among the organizations are corporations, banks, media, the United Nations, spiritualists, psychic organizations, Masons, New Agers, educators, and government or quasi-governmental organizations.

         If what Dr. Moneith claims is true it is not a conspiracy orchestrated by a single group -- as so many claim -- but an encompassing inclination directed by Satan. And a part of it can be traced to a darkly occult group that practices "theosophy."

         Theosophy was started in the 1800s by a Ukrainian trance medium named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It incorporates occult phenomena with Eastern religions and philosophy -- and according to Dr. Monteith influenced men like Hitler, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood), and even Thomas Edison. One of the organizations derived from Blavatsky's teachings, Lucis Trust, has worked closely with the United Nations.

         This is disconcerting because a magazine Blavatsky once published was called Lucifer (for "light-bearer").

         Blavatsky later joined forces with Masons, a group that is also part of a wide movement toward a new world order, according to Monteith, and that claimed as members men like President Truman, a force behind the very creation of the U.N. As Dr. Monteith points out, between 1941 and 1971 Masons controlled the Supreme Court -- a thirty-year period that saw the justices remove God, prayer, and the Bible from our schools and set the stage for abortion. Although Masonry has been on the wane in America and many of its members are unaware of its occult roots, the hierarchy is said to be dedicated to the service of an arcanum arcanorum (a secret or mystery).  

         Monteith says another part of the movement was influenced by Cecil Rhodes, a South African leader who using money from gold and diamond mines designed a plan to unite the world in the second half of the 19th century and established his own secret society. Rhodes began the Rhodes trust and the Rhodes Scholarship, which has influenced former President Bill Clinton and dozens of prominent men who work in government, international banks, corporate boards, the Supreme Court, the media, universities, the United Nations Association, and the Council on Foreign Relations. 

          According to Monteith others have been influenced by spiritualism or astrology, including J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. He cites the "secretive" Bank for International Settlements as one that coordinates huge financial influence and meets secretively in a small Swiss city.

          Yet another entity, says Monteith, is the Trilateral Commission, an organization often mentioned by those who warn of globalization and which Monteith says has a logo consisting of "three interwined sixes."

        And then there are Rosicrucians. 

         "Some people believe the Rosicrucians are the primary force behind world events," argues Monteith. "The Order of the Knights of the Rose-Croix is an ancient secret society. It originated with Christian Rosenkreutz, a German knight who traveled to the Near East to study oriental magic. When he died in 1484, he transmitted his arcane knowledge to eight disciples who swore they would never reveal his secrets outside their order."

            Is this all a jumble of names or an actual cabal? 

         It's real, but this is not to say that everyone involved or influenced by such organizations is evil or conspires intentionally. Many believe what they are doing is for the good. It is a large and deceptive mosaic that touches many systems and groups and is not so much human as supernatural.

           But it has the potential for devastating effects and Monteith says that another aspect was the "Illuminati," founded by Adam Weishaupt, a former Jesuit, in 1776. Its membership is thought to have been less than 2,000. "Although the Illuminati was officially disbanded in 1785, it continued to exist within Freemasonry and was the force behind the Jacobins and the French Revolution," says Monteith -- citing the concern George Washington had for their influence. 

           Many of those affiliated with such organizations are Christians and unaware of the occult origins. One example may be the Bush family, writes Dr. Monteith. "Prescott Bush joined Skull and Bones in 1917; his son, President George H. Bush, was selected a generation later; his grandson, Governor George W. Bush, was inducted two generations later." Some believe this group, a college club, began as an extension of the Illuminati, says Monteith, but this has never been proven. Monteith claims that former President Clinton was a senior member of the de Molays, "a boys' club for Masons."

           Masonic-style groups have been responsible for slipping in many hidden symbols, including the pyramid and eye on the dollar bill. Last January President Bush was set to be sworn in using an old Bible owned by a Masonic lodge in New York but the plan was scuttled when the weather turned stormy and threatened to damage the relic. 

      There has been relief with Bush's indications that he is sympathetic to Christian groups and has been "born again" himself, although his father had caused concern by using the term "new world order" from 1988 to 1992 during his own presidency.

Dr. Monteith's book is available by clicking here

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