Did you happen to see the above photo two weeks ago? We figured it at first for a hoax, but it was carried by many mainstream news outlets and we've seen no indication it is. Correct us if you have discovered something different. It was potentially interesting because it's an asteroid (nicknamed "Spooky") that passed within about 300,000 miles of earth -- on Halloween. As a TV station noted, "That's not close enough to do any damage here, but scientists used it as an opportunity to learn more about asteroids. It is two-thousand feet across and turns about once every five hours. Because of its timing, asteroid '2015 TB145' earned itself two much cooler, Halloween appropriate monikers: 'The Great Pumpkin' and 'Spooky.'"

This is stated by astronomers and media who don't quite believe, as we do, that there are no such things as coincidence. It certainly does look like a skull -- and the thought upon initially seeing it (aside from the question about a hoax) was: are we getting what we asked for; might it be a warning that when we as a society involve ourselves in enough spookiness and evil we draw spookiness and evil closer yet -- with possibly disastrous consequences. For now, perhaps another warning (astonishing, isn't it, how long God's Mercy has lasted?). Keep playing with evil and some day an asteroid or whatever will not just come close but hit.

The same is true in our personal lives: brushing up against the occult or anything dark brings darkness close and sometimes personal; directly into our lives. We have "close brushes" with disaster. Many illnesses, accidents, and other misfortunes are caused by involving oneself in the proximity of evil (even as a bystander) or warning us of it. God focuses on what is best for our eternities.

On an ABC report, recently, a pastor in a nondenominational church named John Goguen of the Buffalo, New York, area said,  "The devil doesn't like anybody. In fact, he hates everybody. But his arms are too short to box with God, so he boxes with us, as humans. He knows we are precious to God and to His son, the Lord Jesus Christ." Amen, as they say. The preacher's ministry apparently involves everyone from drug addicts and prostitutes to those suffering from "terminal" illness.

One woman who found help, Diane Koehler, testified that his deliverance ministry (not an exorcism, but deliverance, which Jesus called all to do) has changed her life. "It's a relief, you know, you're getting rid of these demons...it's just amazing what the Lord can do to get rid of these things in me. It's a relief." The pastor believes that everyone carries demons inside them "and told his congregation that demons can come through tattoos, martial arts, Ouija boards and divination, just to name a few portals," notes the news network. Intriguing to see lessons in demonism and deliverance from the secular media!

"Not every cancer is caused by a demon," the minister told ABC. "Not every sickness is caused by an evil spirit. I'm just amazed at how much is." (Is there any such thing as "terminal"? See The God of Healing.)

Said the report on his deliverance services, "The deliverance begins quietly with Pastor Goguen commanding his flock to get rid of their demons -- demons that he says enter the body through our breath. The first sign of deliverance is when people begin to yawn incessantly or burp. As the service continues, many start to gag and cough." It always has been intriguing how many yawn at the beginning of Mass (even when it isn't an early morning one). If there is any merit in the yawning or belching, perhaps we see in this the power of the liturgy -- especially the Precious Blood -- to cleanse.

[resources: The God of Healing]