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Bush Speech May Cast Light On Prophecy That Warned Of 'Small And Large Power'



In the months leading up to September 11, Venezuelan seer Maria Esperanza de Bianchini warned that a small power was about to align with a larger power to provoke America. “The United States must take care of itself a lot because there is much hatred toward the U.S. right now, so now more than ever, the United States must be careful,” admonished the great mystic in December of 2000. “There are two nations that have their eyes on the U.S. right now. They are not necessarily big nations. One is very smart and powerful and the other is less [so] and these two nations are in accordance and will be allies. They want somehow to upset the United States, to work inside and cause disturbances. They feel they can put the nation in jeopardy working not just from the outside but also from the inside. They have people inside already" [my emphasis].


This prophecy was made nine months before the World Trade Center, and at the time, when it appeared as a headline on this website, there was all kinds of speculation. At that particular point, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin was rattling sabers -- warning that Russia would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons -- and he paid a visit to Cuba, which seemed to fit the bill as a powerful nation conspiring with a lesser one. At the same time, there was thought given to China. For more than a decade, Esperanza had been warning that the "Oriental races will stand up" (that they wanted "to take over the world"), and this raised concern about the Chinese working in consort with North Korea. Was this the axis she spoke of? There have been other candidates, including Pakistan and Afghanistan (the Taliban) or Iran with Mid East terrorists.


But President George Bush's state-of-the-union speech Tuesday night placed the focus back on what remains the strongest connection: Iraq and Al Qaeda. There is evidence Al Qaeda "operatives" are being sheltered in Iraq, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman stated the same day -- the first time that the British government explicitly linked al-Qaeda and the Iraqi regime. Said Bush: "Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications, and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaeda."


They certainly have tried to provoke the U.S., they certainly had people inside, on our soil, and they certainly have caused "disturbances." One is very smart and powerful and the other is less so and these two are in accordance and will be allies... They want somehow to upset the United States, to work inside and cause disturbances...


It seems like the concatenation of a prophecy but it also feels like there is more, that the generic impression of a relatively larger power working with a small one may repeat itself over and again. Right now, there is great turbulence in the spirit. Although the way is not yet clear, the world is being prepared for a great realignment. In the coming days, we'll discuss what role the U.S. may have in that realignment, and what role there may be for a united Europe, as well as a "man of perdition." Many trends are in the offing, hidden under the hullabaloo of terror.


There will be events, and there will be realignment.


There are many antichrists, Esperanza once said; one is Saddam Hussein. An antichrist, she told me in 1991, is always rooted in pride.


But we'd also like to warn America to keep its eyes on the ball.


Iraq is dangerous, but so are at least a dozen other "powers," none more so than China and its proxies -- which can easily fill any vacuum left by the removal of Hussein and which we believe will attempt to undermine the U.S. in clever guise in the near future.



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