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We've had articles on those who for years have felt (in a prophetic sense) that the U.S. will one day be "invaded" by China. It has been a common theme in alleged locutions since the early 1990s, if in fact there is validity to such locutions. Our take on this "impression" (especially visions of actual army hordes of Chinese, dressed in black) has been that they're symbolic; given our defense capability, an actual army invasion, at least at the present time, is, of course, impossible.

But indeed: what about metaphors?

China is well on its way to becoming a power equal to the U.S., if not greater. Just last week, Forbes Magazine rated Hu Jintao -- leader of China -- as the most powerful person in the world -- one place above President Obama! (The Pope came in fifth.)

Technologically, the Chinese are swiftly catching up to us as far as their space program and technology. They recently built the world's fastest computer, and Asian students -- already in prominence within U.S. technological circles -- lead the world in mathematical scores. As The Washington Times commented, "The atrophying U.S. space program suggests that America will be forced to cooperate with China in space, or else cede the high frontier of space to China altogether.

That does not sit well with the Pentagon, which is alarmed by the prospect. Its chief of U.S. Strategic Command, General Kevin Chilton, told reporters back a year ago: 'With regard to China's [space] capabilities, I think anyone who's familiar with this business ... would have to be absolutely amazed at the advancement that China has made in such a short period of time, whether that be in their unmanned program or the manned program.'" China is expected to be on the moon within ten years.'"

When it does come to actual military might, China -- at 3.5 million soldiers -- has the world's largest army (compared to America's 2.5 million), with the obvious capability of recruiting many more.  Let's make clear that there are many wonderful Chinese -- the majority. These are good, simple, diligent people, for the main part. But we cannot ignore the predominance of a totalitarian regime that is atheistic (or at best agnostic).

In an economic sense, there already are major incursions.

There is the invasion of products.

"Made in Japan" has been replaced by "Made in China." In a way, that's an invasion -- everything from toys and cribs to much of what we wear and even our wall plaster.

There are bonds. China owns a titanic portion, $900 billion worth, of American Treasury notes -- meaning it could sink us if it stopped buying and began dumping (as it has implicitly threatened).  Some put the figure [see below] at more than two trillion. "China owns the U.S.," is the way one major analyst recently put it, with a bit of hyperbole.

There is the currency. Both China and Russia -- along with other countries (like Venezuela) -- have been indicating that they may lobby for a new standard currency reserve to replace the dollar (which is losing value). Just this week, China complained  loudly that the United States is printing money to manipulate markets.

We should all recall how Japan, although far smaller in population and geographical size than the U.S., rapidly rose to nearly an even economic level. Japan's fortunes have since waned, but now we have China breathing down our necks at the same speed but with a far larger geographical area and a population (1.3 billion) more than four times the size of the U.S. When a nation has an economic engine in the style of Japan but with vastly more people, it is worth watching.

It is estimated that China will surpass Japan in wealth this year and speed past the U.S. economy in the next two decades; some believe it will be before. It is already in third place ahead of France (the wealthiest nation in Europe in total share of global wealth).

In 1832, China and India were the world’s two largest economies and by 2032; they will regain that status, he predicted.

The tremendous pace at which the Orient is gaining on or surpassing the West (South Korea is another rising giant) is worrisome because of China's incredible moral transgressions. Each year, an estimated 12 million babies are aborted (ten times the U.S. total) due to the country's "one family, one baby" policy whereby a single child is all a couple is allowed. Reports come periodically of would-be mothers dragged to clinics when they refuse to abort or beaten by police so they will miscarry; other reports have arrived of newborns drowned. Few nations have so little regard for the environment -- from gross air pollution to over-fishing or trashing Africa for specialty items like elephant tusks.

That's hardly to say the United States is the paragon of morality nor, ecologically, that it is pristine. Far from it. But a nation with such little current regard for humans and God's Creation has the potential for great evil -- never mind its antagonism toward Christianity (and particularly Catholicism). They arrest bishops in China. They jail folks for distributing Bibles. Catholics risk their freedom going to Mass. When apparitions and phenomena (including sun miracles) occurred at a shrine in Dong Lu (during a Mass on 23 May 1995 with 30,000 Catholics from the unofficial Church gathered and four bishops of the unofficial Church concelebrating), the government forbade further attendance. Meanwhile, its internal politics are not stable. No one knows what kind of government will evolve -- a free one or one that is even more dictatorial. And while a current military invasion is not possible, it might be in the wake of economic collapse or natural disasters.

Prayer need here. It was Maria Esperanza of Venezuela (now up for beatification) who once said the "yellow race" will "stand up" against the West.

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[An example of impressions from the mailbag: "Years ago, I guess in the 1990s, I had a dream vision that these solders came to my door and I opened it and said to my family it is the Chinese. Back in August 2010 I had two more and dreams that I was in a concentration camp and I was being tortured and it was the Chinese doing it. Then later that week I dreamed that I was at an American naval base and the Chinese were dropping bombs on us. I have been praying to Our Lady Of Prompt Succor to protect us."]

Meanwhile, says the news: "Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware said in a 2006 debate that China was plotting to take over America and claimed to have classified information about the country that she couldn't divulge. Her comments came as she and two other Republican candidates debated U.S. policy on China during Delaware's 2006 Senate primary, which O'Donnell eventually lost. She claimed China had a 'carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America' and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies."

And another item from the mailbag: "Americans better take a long hard look at China. Private estimates by MIT indicate that China holds up to $2.4 trillion of US debt, twice as much as estimated by the federal government. If China called its debt, the US would face untenable economic choices. Meantime, China is becoming more and more aggressive against the US in various foreign policy venues. For example, China is entering the Middle East as  a major player. DEBKAfile reports that Turkey, Iran and Syria are participating  together in a military intelligence alliance that is held together by China. In  fact, China replaced the US and Israel as a participant in the Turkey Air Force's annual exercise this year with Chinese warplanes in the skies. Moreover, the Chinese planes refueled on their way to Turkey at the Gayem al-Mohammad air base in central Iran. It is reported that the planes' crews were welcomed by  the Iranian air force commander. China has been a known technology partner in building Iranian missile systems as well as the Iranian nuclear program. The refueling of  Chinese warplanes, however, was reported as surprising to the politicians in Washington, DC. China is also in the shadows of Pakistan's nuclear program. The Administration is upset by Chinese plans to build two nuclear reactors in Pakistan, bypassing international rules that bar the sale of nuclear equipment to states not participating in the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty. In addition, no-friend to the US, George Soros, is warning that a global "currency war" pitting China versus the rest of the world could lead to the collapse of the world economy.  Soros told BBC Radio 4's Today program that China had a "huge advantage" over international competitors because it can control the value of its currency.  He said China could also influence the value of other world currencies because they have a "chronic trade surplus", which means the Chinese have a lot of foreign currencies. He said, "They control not only their own currency but actually the entire global currency system." Indeed, China warned that the US should not blame China for its economic problems from a weak dollar.

"The current US president said in a recent assessment of Chinese military strength that "[the U.S.-China] relationship has not been without disagreement and difficulty. But the notion that we must be adversaries is not pre-destined." While it may not be pre-destined, it may be inevitable. China holds trillions of dollars of US debt, has funded its military on a $200 billion plus a year trade deficit with the US,  manipulates its currency, and assists all the enemies of America, including terrorists. This is not accounting for the millions of forced abortions, human rights violations and religious persecution perpetrated by China.
Proverbs 27:6 says, "Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy." Do not be deceived."]

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