A nation in need of deliverance

by Michael H. Brown

          Bill Clinton bid the nation farewell Thursday night, and despite all our differences with him, we wish him the best. We want to think positively of him. Our mission in life is to love, and for all his problems, he is a bright man who worked hard and understood the machinations of government.

         Unfortunately, Mr. Clinton had no understanding about the spiritual implications of his policies, and as a result we have a nation in sore need of actual deliverance.

         A president is not just a bureaucrat. A president brings down powerful forces. And whether or not it's Mr. Clinton's fault, the last eight years have seen America plunge into its greatest darkness.

         A few examples? Hollywood. It felt free to export filth like Russia once exported atheism. Tolerance. Homosexuals were now of higher moral credibility than the "closed-minded" preacher -- and than the Boy Scouts. Religion. Non-profit Christian groups came under consistent harassment. New Age. A spirit of occultism -- movies, witchy jewelry, body-piercing -- pervaded the culture. Vulgarity. Swear words, especially using the name of Jesus in vain, now became a requirement of modern discourse. Coldness. There has been an epidemic of pride, selfishness, and arrogance. Sex. Its most startling manifestations were now in the open and teenagers emulated Monica Lewinsky. Abortion. A woman leading the cause to keep the killing of a child legal was now seen as a greater moral good than an active Christian!

         That was scary. It still is. Scarier still is a nation that allows the phenomenally evil practice of partial-birth abortion. That America -- that the "home of the brave" -- could sit back and allow a doctor to pull a baby part way down the birth canal at six or seven or eight months and then kill it by crushing its skull and suctioning the brains while its tiny feet wiggled in agony is something for which we must unremittingly beg God's forgiveness.

         It's all our fault. It's not just the president.

      Cloning! Genetic engineering! These are urgent issues and we are getting all kinds of warnings in nature. The Pope himself said earlier this week that sin will bring catastrophe. We recently ran stories about a man who said he was shown part of the future during a near-death experience, and what he saw was a descent into chaos: the transportation and electrical grids failing just as we are now seeing (as sort of a preview) in California.

         Like I said, we are in need of deliverance. I won't judge Mr. Clinton. He was brought up in a difficult environment. We can never evaluate another human because we don't know the demons they are fighting. But we can hope that the next administration is serious about Christianity and that we can chase away the demons that have pervaded a nation.

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