By Michael H. Brown

A huge metal corpus of the Crucified Christ is exuding a watery unknown 
substance behind St. James Church in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The statue, a recent addition to the famous grounds, was made in Slovenia of 
what appears to be heavy bronze. It’s in a lot where vineyards once stood, 
with Mount Krizevac – or “Cross Mountain” – in the background.

The substance is coming from a side of the right knee where metal has been 
worn down or scraped in a natural way to form what could pass as a wound. It 
is from there, at the top of the small scraped area, that a substance moves 
in small, pulsing quantities until a drop is formed and it begins to 
methodically streak down the statue. First dozens but by Sunday hundreds of 
pilgrims were gathering around the knee to touch a substance that feels like a
cross between water and oil and comes inexplicably from the metal. Can 
bronze “sweat”? Could it be a natural phenomenon? Could the statue – about 
15 feet high – have been filled with water?

One of the seers went to see it Sunday, but so far there has been no comment 
from the parish on this new mystery at the place where the Blessed 
Mother began appearing precisely 20 years ago.

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