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In this interview with renowned TV interviewer Mary Lou McCall, Michael says we are racing blindly towards the types of disasters that swept and changed, that terrified, the ancient world, and he warns that without an urgent turn back to Christ, such events are now set to return. There are video clips you'll never forget. After viewing it, you too will agree that we have strayed and that God is about to put us to the test. CLICK HERE


We have been closely following developments at Medjugorje, the famous apparition site where a statue of the Crucified Christ (a "corpus") behind St. James Church has been seen exuding a oily-watery fluid. Reports of the emanation arrived right after the 20th anniversary in June, but there are indications of at least several previous instances. We carried a letter last week from a pilgrim who claims to have witnessed the phenomenon last October, and now, below, we have letters from others who experienced phenomena with the corpus last March and on the anniversary day -- June 25 -- itself. The fact that it emanated in the autumn and spring lessens the chance that it is a phenomenon of humidity. Some of the letters:

Dear Michael, my name is Gwen Burguieres and I was in Medjugorje for the 20th Anniversary. I can personally attest to seeing the oil/water droplets on the bronze statue of the Resurrected Christ the evening of Monday, June 25 after the 7p.m. International Mass. We learned of the oil from another member of our group, Barbara Rozas. It seems she had been praying at the site around noon that day when an Irish couple approached her and asked if she had gotten her oil. She asked confusedly, "Which oil?" "The oil coming from the statue, love!" Whereupon they helped her up on the base of the statue and guided her to the spot to touch. Surely enough, it was an oil mixture. Barbara began to bless herself with the oil when the Irish lady asked if she would bless her, too, especially her lungs as she had problems with breathing. This brought tears to Barbara's eyes because she works with the sick--she's a respiratory therapist. The couple then left and Barbara never saw them again.
Upon hearing her story my two friends and I immediately headed for the statue. It was 9 p.m. We were somewhat confused as to why no one, not even our guide had mentioned this to us when we visited the corpus several days before. Sure enough, stepping onto the base and reaching up, I felt the oil. I was overjoyed. I began to say a prayer and to rub the oil on my ankles and calves which were very swollen and red and purple blotched from what two nurses in our group said was "cellulitis." There were knots under the worst of the blotches. My two friends began to bless themselves with the oil also. At about 9:15 we remembered about trying to make it to Podbrdo [Apparition Hill] for the 10 p.m. apparition, but we did not know our way in the dark from that site. We caught sight of an Italian group being led somewhere by a monk, so we decided to follow them hoping they would lead us where we wanted to go. This monk must have known an extremely quick shortcut because by 9:45 p.m. we found ourselves at the top of Apparition Hill not far from the metal crucifix. Nothing short of a miracle considering the number of pilgrims there for the 20th anniversary! After sitting down to await the Blessed Mother's visit, I became aware that my legs were no longer hurting, though the knots, swelling and blotches were still there.
I had been told to be sure to see a doctor when I arrived back home, but upon waking the day after my return I discovered that not only were the knots gone, so were the blotches or any hint of their having been there. Thank you, Lord! 

Wishing you peace and sending you prayers,
Gwen Burguieres
Lake Charles, Louisiana 

P.S. I learned this morning after our Lay Carmelite mass, that another member of our group and her aunt had seen and touched the oil the morning of June 25. 


Dear Michael,

It is with great interest that I read about the liquid oozing from the
statue of the Risen Christ in Medjugorje. I wish to state that the statue
was oozing a fluid down the right leg on March 10, 2001. I was there in
Medjugorje this past March. Before I went, a young man here in Illinois
asked me to bring him back a stone from the ground there by the Risen Christ
statue. I promised him I would. On Saturday, March 10, 2001, the first
full day of my pilgrimage, I went to the statue in the late evening. I
knelt down at the right side of the statue and prayed. After a while I
looked up at the statue, and as I did so I noticed a liquid slowly coming
down the side of the calf of Our Lord's leg. I was immediately in awe. I
touched the liquid and I believe I blessed myself on the forehead with it.
I tried to discern what it was and where it was coming from. It was clear
and did not appear to be oily, but more of a water substance. I looked up
the statue and noticed a spot from which it appeared to be slowly dripping
from. As I knelt there in awe and thought, I was not able to discern why
this fluid was there. So, to be level-headed, I ended up dismissing what I
was witnessing as something of natural occurrence from moisture somewhere on
the statue, and this is how I left it until I have read of this occurrence
being observed now by others.

So I just wished to inform you that the statue was oozing a clear liquid
substance on the right leg on March 10, 2001.

In the peace of Christ,

Mary Ann, Orland Park, Ilinois


I just came back from Medjugorje 20th anniversary.
I saw drops of warm water coming from the statue and I touched it and I
myself and put it on my scarf. Yes it happened during the anniversary
or right after.


Michael, I thought I'd share this with you... I was on pilgrimage June 23-29 in Medjugorje and was one of the witnesses of fluid flowing from the [corpus's] sculpture wound. From my first night, during Adoration, I was drawn to the sculpture. That night, as the tour buses idled in the parking lot nearby, I told Jesus I was sorry his sculpture was ignored by so many and the air around Him fouled by diesel fumes. I went there several times a day and from June 25 (or perhaps the 26th) noticed an occasional person reaching up to touch Jesus' wound. On the morning of the 27th, Wednesday, I hiked Mount Krizevac and after the sun rose, I came down the mountain and found my way to the sculpture via the cemetery. I was ecstatic to be alone with Jesus. It was about seven a.m. and I finally looked closely at the wound and saw the droplets... 

Kristen Moulton from Collinston, Utah (Kristen is a newspaper reporter who wrote an article on Medjugorje last week}


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