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Special report:



Quite a Cross, isn't it, from a viewer named Jason who snapped it on September 25, 2014, in Manchester, New Hampshire?

We get so many similar images [see also at the bottom of this commentary].

More signs of our times?

In biblical times, the Lord never did anything without first granting visions, messages, dreams, prophets, and signs (see Joel). We can scoff at it if we want and also scoff at Scripture. Wise that is not.

Some things are not signs. No doubt.

No doubt also: some are.

To repeat: we report: you determine. It's not yet that the bowels of hell have opened. No. But glimmerings? Many. It is currently rather like fish flapping on sand as water recedes revealing ocean bottom strangely before a tsunami no one expects hits.

Need we mention the child killings, satanic masses, general societal unease, and beheadings, including one in the U.S.? The beheading takes place in the same state where the satanic mass, at a public place, was held. Many such convergences. Spirits move. They are energized -- powers and principalities. We war against them, not against the flesh (Ephesians 6). On the societal side, we see the news flow during a particular day includes an item on genetically-modified wheat finding itself where it shouldn't be at the same time as we continue to see natural disruptions (on that same day, a volcano; faces in the smoke?). It's not to say one caused the other. That would be religiously incorrect. It is a general atmosphere of disorder, of upheaval, of disruption.


Hong Kong. Air traffic in Chicago. Ferguson to the south.

Economically, an increasing number of economists are raising alarms of another 2008-like disruption, but a magnitude higher. The author of The Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn, who wrote about the amazing coincidences involving 9/11 (many "coincidences"), has released a new book called The Mystery of the Shemitah that goes back to the same kind of biblical "secrets" to assert a coming financial denouement.

Is it possible -- as he asserts -- that there exists a 3,000-year-old mystery which holds a key to what lies ahead?

You determine. More on that soon.

And more mystery. Mystery or strangeness? We have reported previously on the "Georgia Guidestones," those strange granite monoliths about an hour and a half east of Atlanta in Elberton County (America's little "Stonehenge"). No one knows who put them there. It sounds like a small organization, back in 1979. There are messages etched in seven languages into those hulks of granite -- including ones that seem to pertain to huge coming events that would reduce the population of the world, for the messages implore those in the future (who presumably will come by these stones) to maintain the global populace at under five hundred million (it's currently seven billion). The very composition of these structures is made to survive calamity.

Was it just a case of an eccentric with money enough to erect them, or a group of eccentrics? (It was all accomplished anonymously, with a representative swearing a local banker who handled matters for them to secrecy and flying in each time from a different airport.)

Was it the Rosicrucians?

Is it a goof?

You determine.

It was certainly intriguingly accomplished. We've visited there (and snapped a photo of an eerie dark cloud hovering unusually low over the stones).

Now we're informed someone recently and secretively installed a new cornerstone in a vacant spot atop one side of the monuments. Etched on the cornerstone: "2014" (the 20 on one side and the 14 on the other). The small block of granite has since been removed under police watch. A hoax? A prankster trying to ignite viral internet reaction? Notes a skeptical publication in England:

"This event has caused conspiracy theorists to go into overdrive with attempting to figure out why this has occurred. It is, of course, believed that the block of stone has the year '2014' listed on it for a reason and one theory is that it is some sort of message coming from the top-secret society behind the Guidestones that the catastrophes the monoliths allegedly warn of will begin this year. The Georgia Guidestones were built in [1979] and have been considered one of the United States real mysteries. However, while many ignored what the megaliths have carved into them, saying they are nothing but bizarre ramblings of an unknown madman, the Guidestones have appeared to take on a progressively more sinister tone." There is a video showing the new stone now removed.

Those who believe in conspiracies look at such things and then the sudden eruption of viruses such as Ebola.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in nature, some strange sounds from the earth: rumblings, echoes, and the like. Just blog stuff again? Possibly. Also: maybe not. Time will tell what intuition cannot. "Strange loud rumblings." They have been reported around the world (in some cases sounding like the echoes of distant traffic, or earth-moving equipment, at other times more befuddling, seeming also to come from the sky , and some have compared the sounds with the ancient horn in the Holy Land known as the "shofar," which announced major events).

"The shofar is mentioned in connection with both Rosh Hashanah (Leviticus 23:24, Numbers 29:1) and the Yom Kippur Jubilee," notes an authority. "In later Jewish history, since the shofar was sounded throughout the preceding month of Elul, the blowing of the shofar on the first of Rosh Hashanah was sometimes called the 'last trump,' while the shofar blast on Yom Kippur was called the 'great trump,' since at that time judgment was sealed." The calendar is currently between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, for what it may or may not be worth. Meanwhile, "Elul" is mentioned in that book on the Shemitah (a time of great economic remission).

Fireballs. Lights in the sky.

Ever feel time is speeding up? Has the earth's "Schumann resonance" increased, and is this causing report of strange subterranean hums and echoes? Since the 1990s (see 1990 prophecy) it has risen. (See here.) Pretty strange (and sometimes eerie).

Eleven eleven. Three a.m. HAARP. Some go so far as to believe an agency inadvertently or otherwise unleashed some of the viruses currently causing current mysteries. Some in Africa (where conspiracy theories rage) accuse the CIA (or their own government). Epidemics have always existed -- and at particular times (such as the one following the Fatima apparitions, which killed two of the seers).

All these things. All these reports. All these theories. If ninety percent of it is hokum, there's enough left to leave us flummoxed (and concerned).

Is it the "quickening" or the "unraveling"?

Neither is much to fear. Concern, yes; fear, no.

With prayer, there is clarity. And, clearly, God is in charge. In our ignorance, and intellectualism, we push His Arm of protection away.

--Michael H. Brown (special reports will soon be by subscription to support this website)

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[Feedback from the mail: "Was a stone removed, where numerology interpretation predicts a possible Masonic New World Order event may happen on October 3, 2014? Seems to me a very well orchestrated symbolic repetition of the rejection of the corner stone: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,' (Ps 188:22 / 1 Peter 2:7). Even in some Bible translations this cornerstone has been replaced. The New International Version (NIV) renders the above verse as follows: 'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone' (emphasis added). Hasnít this been the plan all along of the secret societies, inspired by Satan himself. To dethrone Jesus Christ, the cornerstone, and replace him with the antichrist, the capstone. Heads up for the 3rd of October and above all, letís keep our eyes and hearts on the true Stone. After all He will have the last word: 'Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the
image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. Ö and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled
the whole earth.' (Daniel 2:34, 35b)."]




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