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Certainly, many people have ideas about an alleged "prophecy" that mentioned the state of New Mexico, as well as a place where the "cross is by the water." It referred to these areas as "beacons of light" in coming times. Because it had to do with chastisements, there is keen interest on the legitimacy and implications indicated by such a "word of knowledge" [see previous article].

A beacon, according to Webster's is "a signal fire, any light for warning or guiding, a lighthouse, a hill, station, or tower from which signals are given, something serving as a signal, summons, a guiding signal given by radio to airplanes."

What could that mean? Where would that be?

We have focused on New Mexico as a place of spiritual refuge (places like Chimayó, an old, miraculous site in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico). But was the prophecy speaking more about places from which will come a new spark of faith for America -- where many will be "beckoned" back to Christ? Or perhaps: where a signal event will occur (or perhaps a sign will be given)? And what about that more obscure reference to a place unnamed where, some place, a Cross is near the water?

We have noted that the tallest Cross in the U.S. is in St. Augustine, Florida, the nation's oldest city -- one founded by Catholics, with the first documented Mass in the nation occurring there [photo, left -- marked by the tall Cross], as well as the place with the oldest parish. Indeed, it was just several weeks ago the diocese announced that an archeologist had located what appears to be ancient remains of that first Catholic church in the U.S. there. Does that mean anything?

At this time of year we also recall that scholars say St. Augustine was the location for the first "thanksgiving" (when  a Spanish explorer landed there on Sept. 8, 1565 and celebrated a feast of thanksgiving with Timucuan Indians -- 57 years before Plymouth Rock).

The city also has the oldest Marian shrine in North America (Our Lady of La Leche, which is adjacent to the Cross, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean -- near a lighthouse!). Will this spot have a future role?

If the "word of knowledge" is legitimate (we are discerning it because it came from the same source as an earlier prophecy, in 1990, that in part has played out), there are many other places proposed by viewers because they are near a Cross in various other parts of the U.S. For example:

"I just read both your recent articles regarding the third part of the 1990 prophecy ("Alleged Prophecy: Does it Imply Spiritual Refuge in New Mexico and Mystery Locale?") and all the possible places where a large Cross near water could be found," says Melissa Solares of Bowie, Maryland. "I didn't see mentioned another place which immediately came to my mind. I'm referring to St. Clement's Island in Maryland, located off the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. It is similar to St. Augustine in that it's a place where the first Mass was held in the English-speaking colonies on March 25, 1634. There is also a large Cross (forty feet; below, left) erected there on the small island in honor of the first Mass. It isn't as large as some of the others already mentioned, but it definitely fits the description as being near water and has a very historic connection to Catholicism in the U.S. too. Finally, you can't ignore the connection to 'Mary's Land' (Maryland) which was originally dedicated to Our Lady and we hope still has her protection to this day."

Indeed, the Chesapeake was once known as the "Bay of Mary." And of course Virginia (as in Virgin) is nearby. "There is a Cross called First Landing Cross by the Atlantic Ocean where the Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay which marks the site of the landing of the English settlers,"  agreed another viewer from the region. "It is a landmark. There is also a Catholic chapel there. There is a lot of history there."

The East Coast is hardly alone. In fact, most viewers proposed places west of the Mississippi. "Perhaps the prophecy refers to the Holy Family Shrine located in Nebraska -- between Omaha and Lincoln," noted another [to see previous speculations click here]."

"I think I know where the Cross by the river in New Mexico is," argued Patrice Becker of Wildwood, Missouri. "I lived in El Paso during the Gulf War while my husband was an army doctor at Fort Bliss. At the very western tip of El Paso, right where Texas, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez converge, is the town of Sunland Park, New Mexico, just west of the crossing. Located west of El Paso, just north of Juarez and in the sliver of land just under the Rio Grande where the Rio Grande becomes the demarcation line between Texas and New Mexico, and above where the River separates the U.S. and Mexico, there lies a small mountain known as Mount Cristo Rey.

"Mount Cristo Rey  ('Christ the King Mountain') is known to all Roman Catholics as a place of pilgrimage in the Diocese of El Paso, but also for it's reputation as a place for attacks by banditos," Patrice continues. "Sunland Park, although located in New Mexico, is considered a suburb of El Paso and is also known for gambling casinos and racetracks -- but most notably for the site where a priest had dreamed of building a giant Crucifix overlooking the Rio Grande in 1933.  There are numerous websites on line with the historical details. The faithful of El Paso have long made the trek up the mountain on their knees, often in repentance or thanksgiving."

There is that word, "thanksgiving," again. Actually, when we pray, and especially when we fast, we all become beacons of light; we will have illumination in any darkness.

"I was reading a fellow viewer’s dream about riders on horseback bounding through pure-white snowdrifts [see dream] and I was stirred to reflection on my youth in New Mexico," wrote an attorney from LaMoure, North Dakota, Ryan M. Norrell. "In New Mexico there is a vast place that once held a lot of water and due to the current lack thereof, creates a natural oddity – pure white dunes of sand, looking like snowdrifts across the Tularosa Basin in southern New Mexico at White Sands National Monument. As kids we’d run up those dunes with sleds designed for snow and slide back down again. The Tularosa basin was once covered with water and, the geologists say, drained  eons ago, leaving the flats and the desert.

"To this day the water from the San Andreas (named for an Apostle) and the Sacramento (named for the Eucharist) Mountains drains into the Basin, carrying with it traces of gypsum which find their way into the flats and are carried by the wind into the pure-white dunes at the edge of the Basin. This may seem like nothing extraordinary, but less than thirty miles north of White Sands there stands a Cross atop Round Mountain, commemorating a battle between the Native Americans and the U.S. army. As a little kid, riding north to Ruidoso with my family in the car, this Cross mesmerized me. I always waited to fall asleep on car rides until after I saw this Cross.  There’s no water by this Cross today, but there was once water where this monument stands, and the water from the mountains surrounding the cross finds its way to the Basin below the cross."

He also points out that in Minnesota, north of Duluth, is a Cross commemorating a priest named Frederic Baraga who helped the Indians. "Out of thanksgiving, Father Baraga made a wooden cross and planted it in the ground," Ryan adds. "That wooden Cross has since been removed and a large granite Cross stands in its place, at the edge of Lake Superior." But back to Florida: Indeed, St. Augustine, Florida, comes to mind at Thanksgiving time.

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