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A Curse Is A Real Thing  And Our Protection Is The Shield Of Love

By Michael H. Brown

A recent item in the New York Post reported the case of a man named Adam Fortunate Eagle Nordwall who allegedly began a curse on the city of Livermore, California, after leaders "desecrated" a 20-foot totem pole he gave the city as a gift by cutting several feet off the bottom. When officials went to install the pole, they shortened the pole and set it in concrete. Nordwall said the act desecrated his work of art, and demanded it be restored. According to press reports, "when officials refused to restore the pole, which depicts town founder Robert Livermore sitting under an eagle, Nordwall cursed the sewer system -- and a week later, the sewers backed up." 

And so we have a question here. Is there really any such thing as a curse?

The answer is yes, and we can start with Scripture. In Proverbs it tells us that "like the sparrow in its flitting, like the swallow in its flight, a curse uncalled-for arrives nowhere" (Chapter 26, Verse 12) -- indicating that we indeed do curse each other but that we're protected when we're good and when we're prepared.

Part of that preparation is acknowledging that curses do exist. Often, we curse people without realizing it. Whenever we wish less than the best for someone, whenever we criticize, whenever we are envious or hateful or jealous, we are sending a curse that can have real effects. That's why Proverbs tells us that "anger is relentless, and wrath overwhelming, but before jealousy who can stand?"

The Bible is directly addressing the issue of a curse. Italians have long prayed against what they call the "evil eye," and virtually all major cultures acknowledge the existence of the curse. When, suddenly, after being in the presence of a person who dislikes us, is jealous, or wants a confrontation, we suddenly feel overwhelmed with darkness, this is an example of a curse (if the factors are not solely a product of the emotions). We have seen cases where people get sudden cramps or other infirmities, or simply slip into a funk, in the presence of negativity. This operates much more frequently -- and much more subtly -- than most people know.

What to do? Where do we go for protection?

The answer is in Matthew 5:44. I have seen this myself. Do good to those who wish you harm. Send love to those who send their curse. When you love, it throws up a shield around you. When you love, the curse cannot land on you, or at least can not stay with you, because you don't deserve it; it is "uncalled" for. When you love -- and pray for those you think have cursed you -- you do what Jesus did when He blessed and asked forgiveness for those who were tormenting Him.

It may seem difficult initially, but look at what happened to Christ; look how He rose afterward.

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