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From The Mailbag:

A Dad Speaks From Beyond The Grave

By Michael H. Brown

My dad and I were inseparable. I was dads little girl. He just passed August 16, 2003. He had promised me a ring of his when living. Family told me he had sold it and it was gone forever. I searched his room dresser drawer by drawer to no avail: no ring anywhere. Then this past week I started having dreams of dad every night. He would talk to me about his last days and that he didn't understand why he passed and wants me to find out. Then last night he told me in my dream that I needed to look again today for the ring in his room at his (mom's) house. Well I did visit and remembering the dream I looked in the top drawer he had important things in as I have a million times before. Today I opened the drawer and on top there was a jewelry box... I opened it and there it was. I cried tears of joy for the first time in my life. He was right it was there...how I don't know but it was. Mom said she was just in there looking for it this morning but it wasn't there. WOW! I am so happy just wanted to share this!

Paula Howard

Chattanooga, Tennessee


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