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From the Mail: The Voice My Dad Heard

My father died in the hospital today (11/13) around the noon hour. He was wearing a scapular and we were praying the Mercy Chaplet within a minute of when his heart stopped. I have a relic of Sister Faustina which my sister Kathleen laid on Dad's chest while we were praying.
In 1984, when Dad was still working, he used to go to daily mass before work every day. One day he knelt down after receiving the Eucharist and muttered under his breath, "Why Lord, after 2000 years, are you still hiding in this little piece of bread."
He heard a voice come over his right shoulder, but when he turned around there was no one there. 

The voice continued to chat on and Dad, a very rational electronic engineer, slid down the pew to look up and down the aisle along the floor and under his pew to try to see where the voice was coming from. Then he realized WHO it was that was talking to him.

The voice said, "If you could see Me as you wish, you would stop there. You would not seek Me nor would you find Me in your fellow man. I AM truly present here and I AM truly present in My people."
Daddy was so flabbergasted that Jesus actually spoke to him that he didn't tell anyone for three years, not even my mother.
My father was a good man.  Please pray that he has a speedy entrance into the company of the Trinity whom he loves so very much.
With my gratitude,
Pamela Tyrrell

Nov 16, 2004

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