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When we put a negative spin on something, it becomes all the more negative. It gives it energy.

This is true in your life: the more you agonize or obsess or fret over something -- the more you focus on a negative occurrence -- the more you give way to a down mood: the darker things get.

It's up to us to cheer ourselves up. When we "lighten up," we brighten up.

The soul radiates. The spirit heals. Life flows more readily through us.

Life is all about two destinations: love or fear (remember; they are opposites, and perfect love casts away trepidation).

Fear is faith in the negative.

Now, it's true: we live at a time, especially in the last few months, when the "negatives" seem to be piling up. Rapidly. Let's not deny it: there are many aspects of darkness out there. There are many events occurring. Others wait in the wings. Why deny this? We are commissioned to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We have to face things, and before we can handle a situation we have to know about it.

But that's not to be fearful -- or pessimistic.

As the great mystic, Maria Esperanza (who died ten years ago this month), said of "disasters," they should be seen as "good tests."

Everything in life is good if we use it the right way.

We can have a big, beautiful tree die from insects in the yard -- but find happiness in the fact that we tried to save it, and then in cutting it down we lost weight!

We can mourn over the deaths in Iraq -- but instead of "doom-and-gloom," look at it as an inspiration to intercede.

We can lose a wallet and note how it instantly gives us a new perspective.

We can hear about someone who is seriously ill but know that the person has eternal life before her or him.

We can have illness ourselves and let it bring us closer to God.

It's all in how we view it.

It's all in how we use it.

Worrying all the time is not fear of death; it's fear of life!

When God allows evil, it is often to "wake us up," to open our eyes, to reboot us, to have us view a vastly larger reality.

Sobering stuff: quakes, drought, wildfire. War. Economic concerns. Indeed. Riots. Strange killings. Upheaval. Suicide.

But this is all motive for us to pray and cleanse internally.

We were sent by God to this world because it is a special time in history and must respond accordingly -- viewing problems as opportunities and "depressing" news items as inspiration to pray (including for those who do evil).

You know the expression: the darkest moment is always just before dawn.

And so it is: there is always a Light at the end of the tunnel. There is goodness beyond every turn. There's always a reason for joy (we live forever!).

Every negative can be turned into a positive when we see the bigger picture and seek to view matters with the eyes of Heaven, where all darkness is swallowed by unfathomable Light.

--Michael H. Brown, 8/11/14

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