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'Time Of Dark Water' May Also Relate To Manifestation Of Evil Forces Around Us

By Michael H. Brown

A while back I wrote about a dream in which I was driving and then floating over a large bay somewhere in Florida. It was dark -- at night -- and the atmosphere was foreboding. In the dream I heard the words, "It is the time of the dark water."

It was a strange vision, almost eerie, and it was followed by news that scientists were puzzling over a blob of "black water" in the Gulf of Mexico that was heading for parts of Florida.

That turned out to be a bloom of dark algae. Was it also a symbol? The other day I saw the review of a new movie. The title? Dark Water. Perhaps this is just a "coincidence." I don't know. I don't know if I believe in coincidence. According to Time Magazine, the movie is about a spiritual infestation that causes the strange dripping of water in an apartment -- a haunted house story, spookily bad plumbing. 

In the case of the movie, the supernatural force was the spirit of a deceased girl, but we can say that our entire society is now haunted. It's not by "ghosts," however. It's by manifestations of the demonic. We observe this in ways that are countless. Look around and see the way people are speaking and dressing. Look at the images on TV. There is a great trend toward demonic characteristics (here comes Babylon redux), and so perhaps the "time of the dark water" -- besides symbolizing the murkiness of our times, the blindness, the precarious traveling over a bay at night -- also stands for the descent of evil spirits.

They have infiltrated everywhere. They are gaining in influence. And it's not only in the public arena. Everyone seems to be wrestling in their personal lives, in their families, or at work with what Ephesians calls "principalities and powers."

The banshees are screaming in the wind, in all the storms, in the monsoons -- and also in the dark water. There are rising floods, which (as seen in Texas and the Philippines and India just last week) churn up great volumes of dark muddy water. Just nine years ago the Mississippi -- once known as the "River of the Immaculate Conception" -- flooded in a way that happens very rarely in history (spreading its murky waters over 17 million acres), and that was followed by a "500-year" flood in Georgia.

Now we see the floods in Texas (Guadalupe River) reader informs us that on one local weather report a newscaster said, "It is like the face of the devil is in the radar."

This can also happen with a tidal wave, and we'll be having a story later in the week about a prophecy having to do with just that.

As in Revelation 12, the devil, furious, has been cast down and is waging war, attacking with heightened cruelty and power. He is causing divisions in families, troubles at work, rudeness, foul language, widespread lewdness, divorce, and attacks against anything religious. In some parts of the world they even report actual demonic creatures that have been glimpsed at night by hundreds. In Kenya such has been associated with poltergeists and in India is what is called the "monkey man."

Myth? Hoax? Hysteria? Or in at least some cases is there a visible manifestation? 

Whatever the case, it should be obvious that Satan is manifesting in our emotions. He has manifested in the Church. He has enshrouded the societies of the world with a fog through which even the well-intentioned can not see. There is lightning. In recent years we have seen a stunning photo of a bolt of lightning hitting a Toronto graveyard dedicated to the Archangel Michael. In Africa one recent year, a single bolt killed an entire soccer team!

Jesus saw the devil fall as lightning. Is there significance in storms? Is there significance in the fact that lightning strikes have increased -- and during this century are expected to increase by 25 percent? Is there significance in the demonic images that are now purveyed in movies and books and in board games and even in cartoons? Are they too symbolic of the "dark water"?

Perhaps it relates to Revelation 12 -- but if so, that means the devil's time is short, and that the Archangel Michael is on the scene. 

In coming days, we'll be discussing that: how the great Michael is in our midst -- and how we can't lose if we invoke him.

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