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Prophetic Notes: Of A Movie, A Storm Warning, And Those Swerves In Climate

By Michael H. Brown

The other day we ran a recap of Church-approved apparitions in Rwanda that we took as a hint of intensified future events. I mentioned how areas that are dry would get drier and those that have storms would see greater storms and that the same applied to various events depending on the region. I believe this is because there is an ongoing purification, which I see as intensifying.

This is all in line with the "1990 prophecy" -- the anonymous prediction we often quote (because of its accuracy thus far) -- that said events would heighten in various parts of the world. It said such would especially occur after 1994 -- and we note that tremendous events connected to meteorology have occurred since that time. "The Atlantic hurricane outlook reflects a likely continuation of above-normal activity that began in 1995," said a news report just yesterday [May 26]. "Since then, all but two Atlantic hurricane seasons 1997 and 2002 have been above normal, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported."

One team of scholars divided the coast from Maine to Texas into 11 regions. In South Florida, one of the most active areas in Florida for hurricane strikes, they said there is a 44.3 percent probability that a storm with wind speeds of at least 40 m.p.h. and a 52 percent chance of somewhere along the U.S. East Coast (from Maine to the Gulf) being hit by a much greater storm, a major hurricane, during this year. The most precarious area includes Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties in Florida. Other areas that are overdue include Houston, New Orleans, and Tampa. A major storm will create "damage way beyond anything we've previously seen," said expert William Gray. "There's so much more in harm's way now."

This heightening is in line with historic "signs of the times" and "chastisements." We are not talking about the end of the world, but about the old and forgotten truth that the Holy Spirit speaks to us, often, through events around us. I believe some of those events will be major -- in our life spans, unprecedented. In Sent To Earth, I posited the idea of a coming "mega-hurricane" as well as a huge event that involves an historic quake.

This is also foreseen by seismologists. "Scientists warn that the world is heading for a catastrophic earthquake that will kill at least one million people," notes today's San Jose Mercury News. "It won't be the magnitude 10.5 that tipped California into the sea in a recent TV miniseries; quakes don't get that big. The real danger is not in the United States or other parts of the industrialized world at all. Rather, it's in the huge cities of the developing world, where the building codes that protect the United States either don't exist or are rarely enforced. As those cities grow, millions of people are moving into flimsy buildings within easy reach of major faults."

Actually, I do think at least one of the seismic events will involve the U.S., but I agree that the greatest danger is in Asia. More on that next week. Without God's favor and protection, truly huge happenings are on the horizon, and it is "doom and gloom" only if we ignore it.

Anything can be staved off through prayer.

Are you praying for your area? Are you asking for shields of protection?

There are many interesting confluences. The "prophetic pulse" also seems to be registering in Hollywood, which has just premiered a new movie called The Day After Tomorrow that focuses on massive storms and floods due to a climate shift. "A gigantic wave swept across New York Harbor, nearly submerging the Statue of Liberty," notes a reviewer. "Then it raged through the streets of Manhattan, destroying everything in its path and drowning or crushing tens of thousands of panicked New Yorkers in minutes."

This is fascinating because it nearly perfectly fits a prophecy granted to a Long Island man named Ned Dougherty who claims prophetic visions during a famous near-death experience. He felt compelled to begin speaking of the visions -- which occurred way back in 1984 -- after 1994.

"I saw events in New York City that were not just from terrorism but from natural disasters that perhaps may befall New York City in the future," asserted Dougherty. "I saw that we're not facing geopolitical events happening but geophysical events, involving what I saw as a massive tidal wave. And I saw visions happening from different locations, and one of them in particular was the clearing at the shrine in Eastport which look out into the Atlantic Ocean. I have lived with these visions for years, and until 1994 or 1995 I didn't feel the calling to investigate further."

In Dougherty's case, however, it was a geophysical cataclysm. Is there anything to it? Is it just one of many possibilities? Unfortunately, the whole situation has been muddied by political debate. One faction (mainly liberals and moderates) have sought to blame what is currently happening in our climate on the activities of man while another faction (especially conservatives, corporate types, and libertarians) have ridiculed the entire idea of a climate shift because they reject the notion that industry (and the use of fossil fuels) are driving the change in weather.

Confused by this, many have discarded the entire notion -- thrown the baby out with the bathwater -- because they reject, perhaps rightly, the liberal explanation of what is occurring around us.

Thus, "global warming" has become synonymous with a liberal cause, when it is nothing of the type. Such shifts in climate can be caused largely or entirely by natural, periodic swerves (especially changes in the sun) and as I showed in Sent To Earth, they are often part of purifications.

That the temperature of the earth has gyrated since 1880 is a fact that more than 90 percent of climatologists and meteorologists, liberal and conservative, American and foreign, accept -- and this change is almost surely adding to the tumult in our weather.

That's not the debate. The real debate is what is driving the swerves in temperature. And the real cause of upheaval can be spiritual imbalance -- straying from God's protective force.

Dougherty believes that prayer groups can be an answer. Depending on our response, these events can be "altered, postponed, or cancelled."

Is anyone listening?

"The most important message that I understood," says Dougherty (who we will continue to discern), "was that none of these events need happen."

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