The Trade Center attack led to a barrage of mail about demonic images in the smoke from the explosions. The most famous was taken by Mark Phillips, formerly of the Associated Press, and showed a long evil face with what looked like a beard. He told a television station that on September 11 he had climbed up to the roof of his apartment building in Brooklyn for an unobstructed view of Manhattan and that as he did he heard the second plane hit and began snapping pictures on several of his cameras, including a digital. 

He didn't realize the image was even there until he received a flurry of e-mails. If one looks at the beard, there are other, smaller demonic images hidden in it.

We do not suggest that people focus on this but it is good to have a certain awareness. There are other photographs that likewise reveal demonic visages, although we feel some are simply too evil to reproduce or link to -- that they too readily transmit the grit of evil. We recommend that you keep away from direct contact with anything demonic or occultic (including occult-based radio shows). If you have had such exposure you should wash it away with prayer, Bible-reading, and Holy Water.

But the point is that these photographs are striking testimony to the involvement of evil. Indeed, some photos are even more startling than the famous AP photo. A different angle of the explosion at the South Tower carried over CNN showed an even more awful image, one that seemed to smile in a grotesque way; in the interpretation of some, it formed full-bodied image with a pointed tail. Meanwhile, a man from Lavaca, Arkansas, took photos that were even clearer than the Phillips' shot, showing the demonic face virtually bursting from the South Tower. 

As for the northern building, there is one that shows the upper part of a huge face that seems to be peering from the billowing tear in the building. Just eyes and nose are visible, but they're too clear for coincidence. 

In yet another, the face is so round and big -- wider than the building -- that it is unmistakable, and  extends a good distance away from the building. We have also seen demonic faces in foreign publications of the tragedy. In some cases the faces look more like ghosts than demons -- like the faces of the departed, or at least humans. Such is the case with a famous shot of construction workers erecting a flag (like Iwo Jima) at ground zero. For reasons we don't understand souls and spirits and demons often manifest in photos -- hidden (as the cliche says) in the details.

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