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In the aftermath of the Colorado massacre many are asking why it happened. In virtually every case, the main cause, demonism, is overlooked. The eyes of the poor shooter have a distant glint familiar to those who practice deliverance.

Was is it about Colorado? Was is it about Denver?

No doubt, the mountainous state has its spiritual dimension. Modern occultism (New Age) is especially pronounced in this region (mountains tend to focus both good and dark spiritual powers), and Denver, as the largest city, along with Boulder to the north, are particular strongholds.

It's not hard to find crystals and hippie accoutrements in Colorado and there are the strange symbols -- plus an eerie stallion (with glowing red eyes) -- at the Denver airport. To the southwest by 130 miles is a large New Age complex that seeks to unite the world's religion at Crestone (nestled, ironically, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which means "Blood of Christ") while back in Denver the ambience is such that there's a company called New Age Real Estate and ads for a "Psychic Lawyer." The International New Age Trade Show was held at the Denver Merchandise Mart just weeks before the shooting, and it is somewhat ironic that the very town where the shooting occurred -- Aurora -- is named after the pagan light-bearing goddess of dawn. (Lucifer rising?) If those links are too arcane, there is the simple note that this is also the area that witnessed the Columbine shootings (and Jon Benet Ramsey).

Something is wrong. A stronghold. Just a month before, historic fires threatened this very region.


But it goes beyond that, and it's wrong to pick on Colorado.

Bizarre mass shootings also have occurred in Arizona, Virginia, Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania (Amish farm country), and as far afield as Finland, Norway, and Germany.

A common denominator, in too many crimes: heavy-metal (or "Goth") music (see Columbine), and perhaps now the "techno-music" that blared forth in James Holmes' apartment. Another frequent commonality: academic settings.

More than anything, however, this is a Story of Hollywood.

For the culture of movie-making has all but completely fallen under a penumbra. Rare is the major movie without a scene or scenes from the dark side: sexual suggestion, vulgarity, nudity, occultism, or use of the Lord's Name in vain. It takes no more than meager discernment to spot the "vibes" of the latest Batman series -- which even calls itself "Dark Knight" and unknowingly comments on our times when it says that the dark knight (and also night) is rising. Batman himself no longer looks like a good guy (remember Adam West?), and the Joker is now nothing less than a stark demonic visage.

It is not playtime. There are energies -- and perhaps curses -- that go with such things. When one looks at the entirety of what befalls actors, actresses (see recently one named Katie Holmes), directors, and musicians, one must look for the possibility of a dark charisma working. Go back and recall how the wife of film-maker Roman Polanski was murdered by the Manson cult while he was directing a film about the devil (Rosemary's Baby) that involved a strange cult.

One month before the release of another classic, Rebel Without a Cause, the star, James Dean, his slicked hair and bright red jacket an instant and gratifying symbol of the rebellious fifties generation, was killed in a head-on collision (while driving his Porsche 550 Spyder, the same vehicle he drove while shooting Rebel and one that was subsequently involved in other fatalities). Co-Stars Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood also suffered horrific and premature deaths, Sal being stabbed to death outside his apartment and Natalie drowning accidentally after falling off her yacht. 

There were a dozen injuries and deaths among crew members of The Exorcist (as well as a fire on the set), and also famously strange occurrences with The Omen (including a scare for star Gregory Peck, father of the anti-christ, when his plane was hit by lightning, and then the same occurred -- hours later -- to a plane carrying the film's writer; meanwhile, the special-effects manager was in an accident that caused a passenger's decapitation similar to a scene in the movie and lions used in the film killed a security man).

In the 1980s were two untimely deaths -- one a murder -- attached to those who acted in the film Poltergeist (which used actual human remains as props).

There were also the violent deaths of Vic Morrow and child actors My-ca Le and Renee Chen (struck by an out-of-control helicopter) while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Brandon Lee was shot for real in The Crow. As for Dark Knight: the actor who played the Joker in a 2008 episode, Heath Ledger, died from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills just before the movie was released.

The list goes on (and on). What is it about acting? Backstage at theatres: the tradition of a light kept on all night for the spirits. Our biggest hits on Broadway in recent years: Phantom of the Opera and Wicked

Yet, no spiritual connections are made (including by many Catholics).

In the wake of Aurora, The Los Angeles Times had a major article with a headline about how Hollywood was "shaken." Was it because they were finally realizing the effect they have on people (and especially the young; the Colorado shooter called himself the Joker)? Or even now saw the deep spiritual connections? Did they finally heed warnings from websites like Lifesite.com -- which four years ago warned specifically that the Joker persona might lead to gruesome violence?

No. The concern -- what shook the "industry" up, said The Times -- was the safety of movie theatres: making sure that no one wearing a mask or carrying guns would be allowed to barge in; a valid concern, but one that completely missed the lessons we seem destined to encounter again.

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