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Many years ago, Sister Lucia dos Santos de Jesus of Fatima wrote to a priest about the presence of evil in our time. "It is easy to recognize the ruse of the devil and his followers, who want to lead souls away from God by leading them away from prayer," she said. "The devil is very clever and looks for our weak points so as to attack us. If we are not diligent and attentive in obtaining strength from God, we will fall, for our times are very evil and we are very weak."

In Lucia's opinion the confusion inspired by attacks on the Rosary was part of what she called a "diabolical disorientation."

That phrase synopsizes our society more today than when Sister Lucia penned it more than half a century ago.

Disorientation. The examples are too voluminous to recount. On the obvious side, we see it in the sexual abuse, in the institutionalization of abortion, in the serial killings that are now so commonplace, and with genetic manipulation. In just the past week, a man killed his pregnant daughter, another asked his own daughter for relations (on Facebook), and a bishop was arrested for child pornography.

But the disorientation is usually more subtle. It is in the mis-education of our children, in the movies to which we have been subjected, in the normalization of demonic images, in government paralysis, in court systems that favor the criminal, in Halloween becoming the devil's Christmas (with every city now boasting a "haunted" house or a parade of demons).

"It's chills by Day and thrills by Night as Six Flags Over Georgia is transformed into a frightening playland with ghouls, ghosts and goblins roaming the midways," says one promotion in a society that prides itself on protecting its children. "Families and kids alike will enjoy the fun activities throughout the day, but once the sun goes down, weary guests beware! New: in 2009 is The Last Ride, a simulated ride to the grave that will give guests the opportunity to experience being buried alive!"

There is a disconnect, and we see it when liberals who oppose war also promote abortion; when conservatives who are pro-life also defend the profits of corporations that pollute with toxics (harming the young); and when a president who speaks about teaching values to the young also speaks at an event for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals (speaking of disorientation) -- and wins a standing ovation. 

It is a disconnect when the liberal media argue for better education while dumbing kids down with programming and when a conservative television network that champions values carries lurid photographs of half-clad women on its website. It is a disconnect when Catholic nuns study the New Age. It is a disconnect when Christians partake in nasty political discourse when they are supposed to be founded in love. It is a disconnect when dioceses founded on the miracles of Jesus reject anything that hints at the supernatural.

As for our personal lives, here too we see constant attempts by the devil at confusing us, for confusion is one of his first hallmarks.

When you feel confused, pray the Rosary: it will clear your mind -- which is why the devil attacks it. The closest to a balanced perspective comes from the Vatican (which is pro-life in a way that is consistent). Follow Rome, not TV hosts. The cultishness, the disconnects, know no political bounds.

And in this season of the witch -- in every season, during these times -- remember the sacramentals.

"In July 2007 we moved into our new house," one viewer recently recounted to us. "A month later, in August, my son had invited a friend to stay overnight. This little boys older sister came into our home wearing a pentagram with other symbols on it as well. That evening in my kitchen at the desk, on the laptop, while all three kids (two of them 10 and the other 6) were looking at pictures of kittens, a popup of Linda Blair from the Exorcist movie came up along with a scream.

"All the kids screamed and were terrified. My youngest went into a fetal position for thirty minutes. Thank God I found a priest to come bless my house and he also asked where the computer was that this happened through, and he blessed it. It turned out the girl was doing witchcraft. I don't think I will ever wait to get a new home blessed again."

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[Prophecy, afterlife retreat in Arizona and Michael Brown retreat in New Jersey]

[photo at top right is sun miracle at Fatima on October 13, 1917]

[adds another viewer, My Name is Michael Hichborn, in Fredericksburg, Virginia of a night-time horror -- common these days: "In one dream, I knew that I was asleep and dreaming, though I was completely aware of my surroundings.  My eyes flew open, and I was immediately aware of a deeply oppressive and terrifying presence.  I could see a shadow of a figure in the doorway, making its way towards me.  I tried to move my head to get a better look, but I couldn’t move.  I heard the figure whispering and shouting at the same time, threatening to do terrible things to me.  I tried to speak, but my throat felt as though it was closing.  I tried desperately to move, but couldn’t.  But in my state of sleep/awake, I began mouthing the Hail Mary over and over, until I could finally say it, and at that point I awoke."]

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