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Man Who Claimed Near-Death Revelation Now Sees Further Dangers For America

By Michael H. Brown

Near-death experiences are much in the news these days. Literally millions have experienced them. They are also controversial. Just last week, scientists claimed in a prestigious medical journal that they created an artificial out-of-body experience in one patient by stimulating a certain part of the brain (the "angular gyrus"). 

But their experiment was extremely limited: the sole subject had only a fraction of the experiences that many of those who clinically "die" report, and the lead researcher himself admitted there were aspects of such episodes that he could not explain. 

Many of those who die and come back tell us of far more elaborate scenarios than simply feeling like they are floating (which is what the woman in the study reported) -- often describing powerful encounters with angels, deceased loved ones, and Jesus. 

Other studies have confirmed the inexplicable nature of near-death, including the ability of some to see at great distances and know what is transpiring far beyond the location of their deaths. There are also spiritual controversies. Some near-death experiences seem a bit too "cosmic," troubling many because the descriptions often go beyond traditional religious phraseology or imagery -- some even sounding New Agey. 

This is why we must be cautious, and this is why we offer it only for discernment. One such case that gained tremendous attention last year was that of Ned Dougherty -- former owner of the hottest nightclub in the New York City area. Located out in the Hamptons and called Club Marakesh, it was the hangout of sports stars, cocaine users, and celebrities alike, and Ned himself, a heavy drinker, was in the fast lane -- until July 2, 1984, when he suffered something like a heart attack or a stroke and found himself collapsing on the sidewalk outside his club. 

In a book and now a video about his experiences, Ned says he felt as if he was "floating, suspended in a black, bottomless pit." In the distance he could hear voices. He was able to sit up in the spirit and rise above the ambulance -- watching it speed off. He was drawn into another realm -- a realm in which he saw deceased loved ones and was allegedly enveloped by the Light of God, in which he saw a "magnificent Man" he believes was Jesus and a woman he believes was the Blessed Mother.

Whatever or whoever Ned saw, he came back with some intriguing prophecies. To wit: that there would be greatly enhanced natural disasters, that the Pope was in danger, and that the U.S. would be hit by terrorism. He wrote this in a book, Fast Lane to Heaven, published six months before September 11 -- saying that "a major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States."

We met Ned at Our Lady of the Island Shrine on Long Island last spring, where he claims he had additional visions of the Virgin after his near-death experience. Naturally, we can't vouch for everything he says, but we found him to be a low-key, intelligent man who attends daily Mass and has greatly simplified his life -- struggling to make ends meet and no longer surrounded by the lavishments of wealth. He seemed peaceful and happy. 

We have no idea what to make of some of his other prophecies. He says the Blessed Mother warned of terrorism in Italy, the Middle East (this has certainly come to pass), and of great danger posed by China. He also has some personal opinions (or should we say, intuitions): 

"ONE YEAR LATER," he now writes in an e-mail, "as we all reflect on the events that have changed our lives forever, I personally reflect on the 'End Times' visions that I had been shown during my first near-death experience in 1984. I believe that we are now in the 'End Times' -- which does not literally mean the end of the world, but the end of the world as we once knew it. Indeed, the world has now changed for all of us and in ways that many of our brothers and sisters choose not to accept or recognize. Many of us have returned to a life of greed and materialism, devoid of spiritual purpose.

"September 11th continues to be a wake-up call to humanity to recognize that
all is not right in our world or in our nation. As Americans, the wake-up call asks us to recognize that we have been bestowed by Our Creator with gifts of 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' In response to the 9/11 tragedy, we as Americans are being called to be beacons of light to all humanity. However, we have become a nation that is moving further and further from the guidance and influence of God. Unless we recognize our faults and correct our mistakes, I believe that there will be more Wake-Up Calls.

"I also believe there will be a dire period of geopolitical and geophysical events during the End Times, but it will be a period of purging and cleansing for our civilization. The severity of the events may be altered -- not by the actions of our power brokers or political leaders -- but through the power of people in prayer throughout the world. Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of humanity. Ultimately, it will be through the power of prayer that the world will be saved, and only then will we enter an Era of Peace."

Dougherty has been contacted by at least one believer (a devout Catholic) in the U.S. intelligence community (an terrorism expert), and has expressed concern for U.S. cities, "particularly (in descending order of concern) New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle. 

"Taking into consideration that I have described to you what I would consider two different levels of types of terrorist attacks, the most imminent Level I concerns would be New York, San Francisco, and Bloomington, Minnesota ("Mall of America"), particularly during holiday events in these cities where and when large crowds can be expected," Dougherty wrote in one report to his intelligence contact. "I feel very strongly that potential events are 'imminent' (but avoidable) at these three locations in particular. As I mentioned to you, my information about the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, is current, having only received this information within the past several weeks. 

"Level II concerns would be primarily in the New York City area, Miami and Miami Beach, and Los Angeles.  These types of attacks will be focused on or directed at buildings or locations that display visible signs or banners with messages of support for Israel."

Others who have allegedly had near-death episodes have stated the same, although often in non-religious and sometimes even New Agey lingo (which, of course, must put us on our guard). They speak of "energies." They speak of problems building up to 2004 and then 2015. We have to be careful with such dates, as well as the New Age contamination. But we can say that in Dougherty's case, his warnings about a danger to the Pope was borne out in 1993 (long after his experience) when it was discovered that Al Qaeda had targeted the pontiff during a trip to the Philippines.

He remains concerned.

"I was told that these events would be acts of 'aggression, terrorism, and war, performed by self-proclaimed radical groups, supposedly in the name of God," Dougherty wrote before the events of September 11 -- flatly predicting that "terrorist attacks and acts of war and aggression will continue to plague the Middle East, Africa, and Europe." He says he was shown a future in which violence would spread from the Middle East to Europe, and then to the former Soviet Union and to the Far East -- particularly China. He has specifically warned of terrorism against the Vatican -- a warning taken seriously by his contact, who passed it on to those who study the Vatican in the intelligence community. 

 [for your discernment: a new video interview with Ned, issued by Focus Worldwide Catholic Videos, "From the Hamptons to Heaven", available in our bookstore]

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