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As we know, from Scripture, there's a supernatural dimension to dreams. Not every one of them is a revelation. No. Not every night-time vision warrants remembrance.

During sleep, it's as if our spirits have left our bodies and are taking a break in a realm we can't interpret in physical terms. Often -- very often -- dreams are the subconscious releasing tensions, rebooting our emotions, refreshing the mind.

But there is that supernatural aspect (God can warn and instruct through dreams) and there is also the sobering fact that the dark side -- demons -- also influence us as our conscious minds slumber.

How much do we have to be concerned about this: spirits playing games with -- or harassing -- us at night?

If you ask author Alisha Anderson (Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep: Dealing With Dream Invaders, a general Christian book), the answer is: often. At night, she says, spirits plant seeds and manipulate. Thus, she urges everyone to specifically pray before sleep that no evil enter to plant tares (weeds).

Anxiety, fright, lust, and other emotions are often stoked in the dead of night (especially, for peculiar reasons, around three a.m.). It's hard to dismiss -- when we've all had frightening dreams and some have even experienced "night terrors" and paralysis.

It doesn't have to be that way. Each night before we go to bed we should ask Jesus, we should ask the Blessed Mother, we should ask our guardian angels to guard what enters our cerebration. And when we awaken, we can declare, "Every negative dream I had through the night be neutralized by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus' Name, Amen. Let every organized strategy of the host of the demonic world against my life be rendered useless, in the Name of Jesus."

This is heavy spiritual lifting, here, but someone has to address it. It's not anything that is taught anymore in the seminary. Yet, mystical theology is rich in examples that go to just such situations.

"I claim all the good things, which God has revealed to me through dreams," is another prayer. "I reject all bad and satanic dreams in the Name of Jesus."

One day we'll understand all this! For now: protection. Cleansing. Purity. Does this mean we should interpret our dreams?

Here we come to delicate territory. The short answer: there is no person or resource that can provide you an answer for the images or situations in your dreams. There is no grand "key" to symbols. As stated, some are just subconscious regurgitation (or at least, snippets that are retained in a way that are not coherent). Don't bother with books that claim they can tell you such, nor visit anyone who authoritatively interprets your dreams (here is where it gets occultic).

No doubt, if we dream of a tornado it evokes a sense of turmoil. Perhaps there is turmoil. If we are crying, something is making us sad (or will: there are dreams -- not many, but on occasion -- that are precognitive). If we have difficulty climbing a mountain in a dream -- well, the enemy may be introducing struggles or we might simply be struggling against something. Granted, the dream of a traffic jam could mean an obstacle, a frustration, a slowing down of progress. We may experience an anxiety dream. (Who hasn't dreamt of retaking high school or college exams?)


"You have to allow God to give the interpretation," says this author (we will provide her book upon request). "When your dreams are being interpreted for you, you should also receive a confirmation from God. We all have dreams at night (sometimes similar) but each person's dream has its own meaning."

One person's dream of riding a horse could mean something completely different from another's -- if there is meaning in it to start with.

Recurring dreams are something we might want to pray about. These can be more telling.

As for the warfare: "When you develop the habit of canceling negative or demonic dreams you will experience more breakthrough in your life," she states. "You will find out that you were always on the verge of a breakthrough, but the enemy was stealing it from you before the manifestation."

What about when you dream of the deceased?

Any such dream can be a call from such person for prayer. Sometimes, this is the communication from the other side. No doubt about it.

But be cautious.

"Many people have dreams in which familiar spirits influence them during their sleep providing them with false information," says this writer, who hails from Orlando, Florida. "They can show your enemies as your friend and your close friends as enemies. These spirits monitor closely and report back to the kingdom of darkness. Pray and ask God to let you know the assignment they have against you."

They plant seeds. Weeds. They open doors. These doors should be closed. A Rosary before sleep is so helpful!

Deep stuff. Go to Mary. Claim all good things. Rebuke evil (in the Name of Jesus). And dream on.

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