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Last week we mentioned that a reputed  Boston-area mystic had foreseen problems in New York caused by a Muslim. Her name is Eileen George from Worcester, Massachusetts, and while we can't vouch for all aspects of her mysticism (or anyone else's), she was recorded on February 20, 1982 as conveying a message from the Lord (while in ecstasy after the Eucharist) that was remarkable in several aspects. We're told by her diocese that she's in "good standing," and she has long been known in the East for her retreats, especially for priests. Here are parts of her prophecy -- for your discernment:

"There will be a World War III and it will be started by a man who wears the turban of the faith, a Moslem. He will be an antichrist put on earth by Lucifer. Yet there is a more powerful one to rise in Syria, when this one has accomplished his work. He will cause destruction and pain. He will cause heartache and tears and great persecution of Christians. The earth will tremble with earthquakes. He will be a great ruler of Satan, after many years of battle... He'll be an antichrist," she added. "He wore a long robe. He will be very intelligent and well-equipped for war. He is going to be worse than Hitler. This Moslem is going to fire rockets at us. Our radar will pick them up, and our rockets will intercept them. But some are going to get through and hit New York."  

When asked how many years this would last, Eileen claims she was told, "Fifteen. After fifteen years there will be a great peace, a great peace. The land of terror will fall at the knees of Mary. Her blue mantle will overshadow them, and the red will flow into the sea, and covered by the mantle of blue, they will join the free world in peace and harmony. And then there will be a long, long peace, longer than has ever fallen on the earth."

A week after that revelation she claims she was further told that "there will be a great famine" and that "the atmosphere will be changing." She also prophesied a great shortage of oil. We offer this for your discernment. As always, we repeat that all private revelations can have imperfections, and we have no idea what to make of the apocalyptic aspects (which have never been expressed in such a way at places like Medjugorje). Eileen related that there would be "a terrible earthquake" and issued a special warning to San Francisco. She said the quake would start on the floor of the ocean and cause floods, an occurrence made worse, she said, because it would occur during the war. 

At the Worcester diocese, spokesman Ray Delisle said Eileen is in "good standing" with Bishop Daniel P. Reilly, although there has been no official investigation of alleged phenomena. The seer says that she has no further revelations regarding a the Muslim prophecy. "The only thing I know is that we're in bad trouble and that things could be changed by prayer," she told Spirit Daily Monday. "I know if we get back to adoring the Eucharist, there's going to be a great miracle that will bring peace."

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