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Now, recently we had an article that was about the "prayer of no wine" -- how simply going to the Lord or His Blessed Mother as at Cana, empty-handed, a bit desperate, seeking a miracle -- can cause just that.

It's a powerful way of praying or interceding and it turns out to be precisely what a woman in Texas did; the results were astounding.

Reports a book called The Bible at the Border by Richard Dunstan (detailing the remarkable wonders attendant to a charismatic ministry for the poor in deepest Texas):

"In 1993 Teresa Juarez of El Paso was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was an aggressive one, expected to spread quickly through her body no matter what treatment she might get.

"She had headaches and convulsions, she was deaf in her left ear, and she couldn't drive, or even bathe by herself. 'The doctor said if I would live three months, that would be a lot,' she recounted.

"Still, Teresa agreed to a long, brutal program of radiation and chemotherapy. About a third of the way through it, she went to a church across the river in Mexico and prayed to the Virgin Mary.

"'I said 'go to your Son, as in the wedding of Cana (John 2:1:11), and ask Him to heal me, or His Will be done,' she said.

"Right away, Teresa felt a pulling sensation on her hair. She could hear out of her left ear, and she felt heat throughout her head and body. She blacked out and had to be carried out of the church;

"Later her friends told her she had cried for two hours.

"She cancelled the rest of her treatment and went back to her doctor for another brain scan.

"He agreed only when she signed a release.

"But the scan found the tumor was gone."

Remarked Teresa: "I haven't had any type of symptom since that moment."

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[resources: the Texas group is Our Lady's Youth Center in El Paso, Texas. Their e-mail is here. Those interested in the book can  e-mail here]

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