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For your discernment:


Can prayer, thoughts, words, emotions, and music actually affect something like water?

There's a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masura Emoto, who believes so. We have previously reported on his fascinating research with water crystals. Freezing water right after it is exposed to good or dark emotions, he photographs gorgeous, symmetrical crystals when the ambience around the water is positive, and the opposite -- disorganized, ugly ones -- when the atmosphere is negative (or even evil).

It sounds farfetched. Perhaps it is. But we all know the power of Holy Water!

Has Dr. Emoto documented that there is a physical effect?

Water from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan was blob-like and disfigured before offering a prayer, he reports, and beautiful (like an elaborate snowflake) after. "If you have one person praying with a deep sense of clarity and purity, the crystalline structure will be clear and pure," the researcher asserts -- for your discernment. "Even if you have a large group of people, if their intention as a group is not cohesive, you end up with an incohesive structure in the water. However, if everyone is united together, you will find a clear, beautiful crystal."

Distance, says the Japanese scientist, is "irrelevant."

Is it real stuff, coincidental images, or even New Age?

Dr. Emoto loses us when he wanders into spirits and the Shinto beliefs of his homeland in nature. The influence of Buddha is there. Can we take the good from it -- the aspects that fit with Christianity -- and leave the rest (2 Thessalonians)?

Interesting too is Dr. Emoto's report that simple words like "love" and "thank you" create nice crystals, while words like "you fool" destroy clusters.

"This principle is what I think makes swearing and slang words destructive," he believes. "These words are not in accordance with the laws of nature. For example, I think you would find higher rates of violent crime in areas where a lot of negative is being used. Just as the Bible says, first there was the Word, and God created all of Creation from the Word."

Water from pristine mountain streams and springs show beautifully formed geometric designs while polluted, toxic, or stagnant water from pipes and storage dams show "definitively distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures." Whatever the truth of all his beliefs, we like people who think out of the box.

The potential significance?

Remember, water comprises seventy percent of the human body (roughly the same percentage as covers the earth), and the salinity in our blood is identical to seawater. In Heaven are the "living waters."

The most potent words: those of love in combination with gratitude, says Dr. Emoto. Very interesting: that thanks should combine with love. Beethoven and religious songs -- as well as water from Lourdes -- make for beautiful structures, but heavy metal?

Forget about it.

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