AA-1025 The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle (for your discenrment)
Alleged memoirs of a Communist injured in an auto accident in France; he died in the hospital a few hours later. The nurse who attended him kept his journals, read them and published them as AA-1025. He had become a Catholic priest to subvert the Church from within. Describes his methods & plans. Says there were many more like him! click here

Economic trends looking increasingly like the end of the Roaring Twenties

         The economic period that's coming to a close is eerily similar to the 1920s. That was the "Roaring Twenties," and it too had been a party time. For decades men had been busy with new inventions (proof of their independence from heavenly forces), and now it had been time to kick back and drink it in. There was jazz and dance and women in frilled skimpy skirts. There was an obsession with sports. The stock market was soaring. 

         It was a time of extravagance. It was a get-rich-quick time. It was a time of entertainment. This was the onset of Hollywood (which was soon cranking out 2,000 films a year), and so also the dawn of celebrities. Golf got big. So did corporations. Technology was developing at a breakneck pace. Chemistry. Fluorescent lamps. Television. Breakneck too was the moral decline. 

         It was an era of excess -- of financial speculation, of making money that wasn't really earned, that wasn't really real -- and it fell in line not only with what had been warned about at Fatima, Portugal (where the Virgin Mary had specifically mentioned the dangers of fashion), but also the older apparition site of LaSalette. There in 1846 on a mountaintop in the French Alps Mary had told a shepherd that a time would come when people would "give themselves over to all kinds of sin," when religious institutions would lose their faith, society at large would devolve, "evil books" would be "abundant on earth," and there would be impurity, the "demon of magic [read: New Age]," and "nothing but amusement."

         It's a pretty good description of the Roaring Twenties and also our roaring time. 

         Unfortunately, it was also a time when nature began to rile, and it was followed by a drought called the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, persecution, epidemics, extraordinary famine, Hitler, and two world wars. 

         We are now tempting a recurrence. The way to avoid it is to forsake materialism. That will bring the Light of Christ (Who was as poor as it gets) and shorten chastisement. What glory is possible!

         But also, if we don't come back to our senses, what "gloom"....

         There will still be "up" bounces in the stock market, but in the next few years the trend seems clear: God is going to break down our pretense, and some of it could get a bit hair-raising.          

         That's because we've convinced ourselves that God has changed, that He no longer cares about greed, wanton sex, and materialism. 

         Soon we will learn that He still does. 

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