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We have long written about viruses, and the possibility, as part of future events, that an epidemic might rear its head.

We will have "special reports" on that this month, including the seemingly "wild" assertion that at least some of the "emerging viruses" were fashioned by humans hands -- particularly by scientists funded by the military for bio-weaponry, or for test purposes by health agencies (such as the National Public Health Service) -- and accidentally escaped or somehow were released from labs.

Lab specimens of anthrax spores, Ebola virus, and other pathogens disappeared from the Army's biological warfare research facility in the early 1990s, reported the Hartford Courant a decade ago.

Years before that, reports circulated (as we relayed many years back) of a virus that caused fatal brain disease concentrating around other bio-weaponry facilities and afflicting deer, including one in Colorado.

A novel we published, The Seven, is specifically about a bio-weapons laboratory and an evil personage fashioning an Ebola-like virus from Africa that would then spread via rodents and insects, causing an "apocalyptic" event. ("Step back," he warned in the clatter of rain, glad the wind was gusting in the opposite direction. "Don't inhale anywhere near it. It could be a retrovirus. It might have been engineered to go airborne.")

The Final Hour mentioned epidemics as a part of future events, as did The Last Secret -- which extensively reported upon the bubonic plagues that afflicted Rome as that empire was falling (an epidemic that halted only when Saint Gregory the Great, at the time Pope, proceeded across the city with a miraculous image of the Blessed Mother said to have been made by Saint Luke) and then in the High Middle Ages, when a chastisement during that errant time killed between a quarter and a third of Christian Europe (and similar numbers in Asia and the Middle East).

A flu epidemic a hundred years ago resulted in between twenty-five and fifty million casualties worldwide, on every inhabited continent, including two of the three seers from Fatima (yet as far as anyone can tell, was not part of their messages).

We think of them in the special way this month of October, when on the thirteenth is recalled the last formal apparition and the dramatic, "apocalyptic-like" sun miracle there.

In Sent To Earth is a chapter called "A Sinister Disease?" (see our upcoming special report).

Plagues were prophesied at places such as LaSalette in France.

They are often connected to shifts in climate, food availability, and inclement weather.

In Tower of Light such events, as "chastisement," were tied not just to standard immorality but also genetic manipulation and our destruction of God's Creation.

"Consider plague," says that book. "AIDS was continuing a relentless march forward as one of history's great (if most gradual) epidemics. About 24.5 million in Africa alone were infected, and there were portentous outbreaks of Ebola and other hemorrhagic diseases that caused folks to gruesomely bleed." That was said back in 2007.

As stated in Fear of Fire, the Virgin at LaSalette had allegedly told seer Melanie Calvat that "the earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds in addition to plague and famine which will be widespread."

As yet, the disease outbreaks are just harbingers.

How many warnings, from the Blessed Mother, how many prognostications from elsewhere, how many indications or "pre-signs," do we need?

[Upcoming "special reports" will focus on these and other issues]

[resources: The Seven, Sent To Earth, Fear of Fire, The Final Hour]

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