Has the 'triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart' already begun?

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We hear the expression all the time: at some future point the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. It's an expression that came from the famous 1917 apparitions at Fatima, when Mary told the seers that "in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be given to the world."

We're not sure the triumph is complete, but a re-transcription of a hidden interview the seer, Sister Lucia dos Santos, granted to Cardinal Ricardo Vidal of the Philippines in 1993, indicates that the triumph referred to at Fatima may not be a future event but rather one pertaining to the fall of Communism in the 1980s. "The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also refers to the errors that were being spread by Russia," said Sister Lucia, now in her nineties and cloistered in Coimbra, Portugal, during the Vidal interview. "Our Lady's Immaculate Heart triumphed over the errors that were being spread by Communist Russia."

In the interview Sister Lucia reportedly indicated that the consecration of Russia by the Pope in 1984 prevented a nuclear war from occurring the following year [see related story] and led to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, the Soviet republics, and then in Russia itself.

That, says Sister Lucia (according to transcripts provided by Fatima historian Carlos Evaristo), was the Virgin's "triumph" -- and indeed, as Communism was falling, Polish leader Lech Walesa was photographed with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima looming large and smiling behind him!

This "triumph" led to a "period of peace," says Sister Lucia, a time of mercy (according, anyway, to transcripts given us). 

"The consecration of 1984 prevented an atomic war that would have occurred in 1985," she said. "The `era of peace' does not refer to a civil peace but rather to a peace that we are now living with the end of the spread of the errors of Communist Russia."

Some have confused the concept of a "period of peace" with the idea of a 1,000-year era of peace mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Such an "era" is different than a "period" and may still loom in the future, but the Catholic Church does not teach a literal "era of peace" as propounded by many Protestant and evangelical End-Time scholars.

The question now is how long the "period of peace" or mercy will last and how long it will be before we enter into the secrets of other places such as Medjugorje -- where future chastisements and possibly wars have been indicated. 

Already Russia has shown signs of reverting back to its hardline ways, although there has been encouraging news with the meeting recently between the Pope and the Russian foreign minister. 

Last October Pope John Paul II conducted an entrustment of the millennium to the Immaculate Heart for reasons that remain mysterious but may have pertained to such future dangers. 

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