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Famous Mystic Now Says Situation In Middle East Could Trigger 'World War'


(Maria Esperanza requested that this story not be printed until 14 days after relating it to us, to which we agreed).

By Michael H. Brown

Normally upbeat seer Maria Esperanza, the Venezuelan mystic whose site of apparitions has full ecclesiastic approval, warns that events in the Middle East have escalated to the point where they could trigger world war. "She is so sad about what is going on in Israel," says her son-in-law, Carlos Marrero Bornn. "Her face is like the face of the Lord. You can't imagine how she felt when she heard of the statue of the Blessed Virgin that was damaged in Bethlehem. She is saying they're using their free will in the wrong way. They must stop because this will get out of control. They are creating a monster. It will never end. They must put an end to this as soon as possible. She is praying to prevent that war and expects a miracle to stop it."

While the mystic has long indicated the dangers in the Middle East, it is unusual for Esperanza -- whose very name means "hope" --  to issue such a stark warning. It was the first we have heard her warn of a full-scale international conflict, although she has often mentioned dangers brewing in both the Orient and the Middle East. On previous occasions she has prophesied that upheavals in Israel as well as natural disasters would be "specific signs" that events were intensifying and that they would join over the course of the next several years to precipitate a major occurrence.  

Carlos quoted the mystic as saying that "many see it as a battle of 'good' versus 'evil,' but it is not for us to declare who is good or bad. God loves everyone, and so we must look and pray for a resolution."  As for terrorists, Bornn, who serves as Esperanza's interpreter, warned that more may indeed be on the way for Western nations. "She is still praying a lot for the United States and still thinks it's in danger," he told Spirit Daily. "She says [the terrorists] are waiting silently, until the U.S. feels everything is under control."

Maria continues to suffer physically, including the symptoms of Parkinson's, says Carlos, having great difficulty walking. Last week, on Good Friday, she experienced the pains of crucifixion in her hands, feet, and on her shoulder, though the stigmata did not manifest this year in visible form. Carlos reports that the famous mystic made the Stations of the Cross in a wheelchair holding a cross. 

Maria, whose visions are associated with the apparition site of Betania near Caracas (one of the few such sites winning formal Church approval during the twentieth century), has said that during the next several years matters will unfold in the way of a series of events climaxed by a major situation. More than a year ago -- long before September 11 -- she had said that the U.S. had to be "very, very alert." 

"The United States must take care of itself a lot because there is much hatred toward the U.S. right now, so now more than ever the United States must be careful," she had said a year ago last December. "There are two nations that have their eyes on the U.S. right now. They are not necessarily big nations. One is very smart and powerful and the other is less [so] and these two nations are in accordance and will be allies. They want somehow to upset the United States, to work inside and cause disturbances. They feel they can put the nation in jeopardy working not just from the outside but also from the inside... They have people inside already..."

In March of 2001 Esperanza prophesied that cloning and other evils would lead to a major world crisis and way back in 1992 had foreseen "two huge towers with black smoke all around them." 

Then, last August 25, the mystic had said a "great event" would happen within "three weeks or three months" that would "shake the world." 

As it happened she personally was present in the New York City area the third week after the prophecy -- on September 11.

She has said that right now heaven is "collecting followers" for a time when "things will start to make more sense and many people will be awakened." According to Maria, there will soon be some kind of an event or influence in the whole world "to show God's plan." She has urged prayer to prevent what she sees as looming disasters if humankind doesn't grow closer to God.  "We can stop all that with prayer," she has said. "With prayer from our hearts this may be stopped."

Note from SpiritDaily: In our book, Prayer of the Warrior (1993),  we wrote "Manhattan is at ground zero", not comprehending the literal fulfillment of these words. On page 295, of the same book, we note that Irish seer Beulah Lynch saw the "destruction of tall, tall buildings that brought to mind New York."

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