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A seer we are keeping anonymous due to security concerns told Spirit Daily that three or four countries are involved with the recent terror attacks on the United States and that in the middle is "a fatal enemy who is still roaring. And it hasn't passed yet. The enemy is getting ready. It was an order they received. Not now, but they are getting ready, they are preparing. They want to scare the country even more. They are capable of doing anything. They don't have limits. There are two countries trying to provoke us. In all three or four countries are involved." The seer, widely respected by bishops and priests, added that an escalation of current tensions will come although prayer can stop a "big event" that will otherwise occur.

Such projections are also made by those in the intelligence community with no mystical proclivities. They can be stopped by prayer -- which we ask of all viewers. In last week's attacks, according to The New York Times, "investigators said the terrorists relied on small cells of four or five people to hijack planes and crash them into crowded targets. As they have done before, the cells appear to have received support from a larger network on the ground in the United States and elsewhere."

It is common in such a secret underground for an order to be given and all communication then suspended. Thus, the mystic may well be right that an attack order is already in place. Whether it will involve another plane, or another method, or of course occur at all, is the question of the hour -- as well as whether a swarm of agents, fanning out across the nation, can stop potential terrorists before such orders are carried out. We believe in the power of prayer. We believe it can be stopped.

But officials at the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management in Manhattan -- since destroyed in the September 11 events -- told Spirit Daily in 1999 that the greatest fear is biological or chemical terrors, although the then-director, Jerome M. Hauer, had declined to elaborate for reasons of security. There are at least seven such biological agents that are tremendously worrisome to officials. The only one he would publicly name was anthrax, an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis.

There is also concern that a miniaturized nuclear device might explode in a large city -- causing radioactive contamination and at minimum a dozen times the damage of the World Trade Center blast. In the last seven years several times the fissionable material used during three years of the Manhattan Project have been stolen or sold on the black market in former Soviet territories.

But there is also the chance that if they occur such attacks will be less high-tech. Truck bombs, machine-gun assaults, timed devices (especially in bridges or tunnels): everyone has a scenario. One of Osama bin Laden's top aides has written that small cells of terrorists ensure secrecy and use "dead drops" like spies -- locations where messages can be passed without electronic communication and confirming the seer's idea that a message to attack may already have been dropped to various terrorist "cells." 

Our prayers can now be directed at exposing cells that are anything but invisible to the Holy Spirit: "Lord God, that You would illuminate our officials and agents to the whereabouts of the next planned attacks and halt them, Lord God! In Jesus' Name we ask You to shine light into otherwise impossibly dark areas."

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