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Woman Named As A Leader In Al Qaeda Unit:

Did Seer Maria Esperanza Hit Again?

By Michael Brown  3/18/2003

Days after September 11, seer and stigmatic Maria Esperanza of Venezuela told us that she saw a woman behind terror operations, and she mentioned London.

It was an extraordinary week for Maria. She had also said that there was a "roaring lion" behind the attacks. A few weeks later, we learned that "Osama" means "roaring lion."

A year before, and right through the preceding August of 2001, Esperanza, who is associated with the Church-approved site of apparitions near Caracas, had repeatedly warned that two countries or powers -- one small, one large -- were plotting to provoke the U.S., and that they had agents on American soil. She warned America not to allow itself to be dragged into war.

Now we read of a woman named Umm Usama who is in charge of female suicide bombers -- and who says she gets orders from Bin Laden.  "A new al-Qaeda unit of female suicide bombers threatens a 'strike that will knock the Sept. 11 attacks into oblivion,'" reported the London-based Arabic newspaper A-Sharq Al-Awsat. The paper quoted her as saying that her duty "is to supervise the training of the women fighters who belong to al-Qaeda and the Taliban."

Here, again, the name "Usama."

Esperanza remains convinced that war is the wrong move for the United States, and we are awaiting further word from her, when the timing is appropriate. She has been in the U.S. recovering from illness and praying for the U.S., a country she loves but is deeply concerned about. She was last in the U.S. during the events on September 11. Years before, she had experienced visions of two towers aflame in New York.

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