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Stigmatic Who Foresaw 9/11 Warns That In Iraq There Is 'Much Below The Surface'


By Michael H. Brown

First published 8/20/03

We caught up with our dear friend, seer Maria Esperanza of Venezuela, last week, and she has improved somewhat from a Parkinson-like syndrome. Her ailment is a mysterious one that mimics the Pope's, for whom she has dedicated her suffering.

We asked Maria how she currently feels about matters in the world, particularly the war in Iraq, which she strongly opposed on the grounds that it would eventually lead to a "catastrophe." Her warnings against the U.S. being militarily "provoked" began even before September 11 -- which she presaged by stating throughout the nine months leading up to that event that two foreign powers were conspiring to drag the U.S. into a conflict and that they already had their soldiers on American soil.

"They want somehow to upset the United States, to work inside and cause disturbances," she had told Spirit Daily more than half a year before the World Trade Center attack. "They feel they can put the nation in jeopardy working not just from the outside but also from the inside. They feel they can be as powerful as the United States. They have people inside already."

After September 11, Maria, a stigmatic and visionary whose site of apparitions has rare Church sanction, restated her opposition to a military conflict -- advising the U.S. to use restraint at a time when world sympathy was with it. She said a war would reverse those good feelings, causing a huge upheaval. And she maintains that viewpoint.

"She feels that the situation in Iraq seems to be under control, but that there is too much underneath, too much," her son-in-law and translator, Carlos Marrero Bornn, emphasized in response to our questions. "It is apparently under control but will continue in a way that will be hard to control, and that's what she is feeling right now. She just feels there is much beneath the surface," he repeated.

This was said days before the U.N. bombing, and although that was terrible, nothing that has occurred thus far seems to fit the bill as the "catastrophe" she has prophesied. Such may loom in the future. Will it come in the way of terrorism? Or simmering hostilities across the globe? Or an expanded war? We note that Mars is ready to make a dramatic appearance -- the closest it has been in 30,000 years -- and that this planet is named for the "god" of war.

Before the first bombing of the World Trade Center, Esperanza had told an American pilgrim group that two towers would be attacked in New York, seeing smoke coming from them. In the early 1990s she also warned of upheavals in the weather, epidemics, and earthquakes, saying that the core of the earth is not in balance. She believes that a new light from Heaven will soon illuminate the earth and that the time we are entering is a purification. She urges daily Mass and recitation of the Rosary.

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