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From The Mailbag: Esperanza Prophecy On Technology Backed Up By Readers

By Michael H. Brown www.spiritdaily.com

For your discernment

 An unusual message from Venezuelan seer Maria Esperanza about the future of technology has drawn reaction from those who assert that some of the predictions -- conveyed to her in 1981 -- may already be materializing.

Esperanza, who is recovering from a severe respiratory attack that left her hospitalized last week in New Jersey is associated with the Church-approved apparition site of Betania near Caracas. Her prophetic messages are not directly sanctioned and are submitted only for personal discernment (as with all private revelations).

Esperanza, now 75 and on an extended stay in the U.S., maintains that while the world is headed into a period of turmoil and purification, a "wonderful reality" will come afterward if science embraces humility, respects God, and opens itself to the Holy Spirit, Whom she claims will unleash hitherto unimagined inventions, including technology that will eventually neutralize radioactivity.

In language strikingly uncharacteristic for Esperanza -- whose messages are usually simpler ones of devotional Catholic inspiration -- the mystic used technical terms such as "nuclear electronic science, thermonuclear science, and transistonuclear science," although she herself is not conversant with scientific jargon. The message, now 23 years old, also seems to have foreseen the internet. "Electronic computers will [cause] the utmost revolution people could imagine," she quotes a message granted to her on March 18, 1981, as saying. She waited until last month to release it.

The mystic's key exhortation -- that science and religion must cooperate in order for those realities to come -- was followed just three weeks later by a message in which Pope John Paul II, speaking to officials of the Catholic Congregation for Catholic Education earlier this week, urged universities to merge faith with science.

The stigmatic, whose apparition site was officially sanctioned by the local bishop in 1987, requested that the hitherto unreleased message be revealed before the end of March. Since that time, more news has arrived on attempts at cloning and other issues of genetic manipulation, including reports that mice have been born with only female parents and no male genetic input.

It is this kind of Godless science that both Esperanza and the Church have warned against -- science that has degraded God's creation or even attempts to re-create it. Indeed, the newly engineered mice are said to be valuable because they are of uniform genetic structure and present scientists with a clearer way of testing the effects of toxic pollution.

The announcement underlined the way that mankind has caused dangerous materials and now is justifying another wrong -- the creation of cloned animals -- as we search for remedies, remedies that will only come, maintains Esperanza, when science reverts back to spiritual roots. She foresees a day when a new type of music will be devised that brings health instead of the disintegrative effects of current music. There will be "amazing devices" with far more capacity to diagnose and heal human sickness, she claims -- if science and religion join forces in God's plan.

One example: as we reported, a new technology that supposedly will allow a powerful new means of illumination, turning dark into day. She also saw forces of light and music combined together in ways that currently are unimaginable.

Incredibly, an internet search has indicated research doing just that -- seeking to meld light and music -- has been underway in recent years, using electromagnetic devices to record the electrical charges from the northern lights and even lightning into a organ-like sound resembling church music. One place this is occurring is Copenhagen.

"Through Sound Modulation music will transform the rhythm of life making it more enjoyable, more blissful, and will transform everything human beings intend to do into a pleasant activity," Esperanza long ago had quoted Christ as telling her. "Behold, that Electronics will come afterwards; it will give a giant step towards amazing devices guidelines to the Technological Era."


As always, we urge caution in discernment. But we found some of the e-mail reaction interesting. As one, from Andrew Cote from the University of Massachusetts, noted, "There is a company based in New Jersey called Blacklight Power that claims to have created a nuclear driven device that when mass produced, will produce unlimited, pollution free energy. Go to this website for details. The scientific explanation of how this works is beyond my limited knowledge. Potassium and hydrogen are somehow involved in the process. One last thing. Here is another claim that portends unlimited and free energy. Someone in Japan claims to have made a device that uses magnetism to generate electricity."


"Thank you for publishing the latest prophecy from Maria Esperanza," said another e-mail, from a reader named Francine Cichon. "I entered a secular university in 1973 to study biological sciences with the hope of becoming a research scientist. My heroes were Louis Pasteur, Booker T. Washington, and Marie Curie, scientists who believed in God, who prayed and connected to God in their science. Booker T. Washington, in particular, attributed all he ever discovered to God. 

"I thought that is what my life would be too. However, my experience at the university could not have been any further from this. The short version of it is that I ended up quitting science. No one believes me, but the truth is that I was so horrified with what I was learning; hopes of genetic engineering, cloning, and open mocking of God in the classroom, the rampant greed in conjunction with the wanton disregard for the consequences of new technology, lack of ethics, and atheism left me unable to continue in the field.  "It really seemed to me that there was not one scientist who believed in God.  Anyway, I have lived with a sword through my heart about this since 1975, because I lost my dream of doing God’s Will by way of science. I felt God had called me into the scientific field, but when I got there, it was like I was in the midst of devils who wanted nothing but to teach me evil things.  There was no way to avoid it. To say I was shattered by the loss of my dream would be an understatement. So you cannot imagine how significant and healing I find Mrs. Esperanza’s message to be. For the first time in literally 29 years, I feel peace in my heart, I feel great hope, I feel as if God comforted me. I have loved God all these years in despair, confused and unable to understand how I thought science was my purpose, then finding such the opposite in my educational experience, and standing by so horrified by what mankind was doing to the world by way of technology.  Mrs. Esperanza’s message has given me something no one could give me in almost 30 years… an indication that God sees and, even though He may punish, He will heal and bring these two, religion and science, together, as I had dreamed as a girl." 


Writes yet another technically-oriented reader, Shawn McCullough from San Antonio: "Your recent article 'Mystic Claimed A Message About Future of Technology' was a brilliant message of hope.  I know there was a disclaimer 'for your discernment,' but I think Ms. Esperanza might actually be onto something.  I have had a theory on this type of technology for quite a while; maybe I can explain how it might be developed.

"I read an article about ten years ago where a scientist was performing an experiment with one-celled organisms. He assigned a musical note to each (something DNA related?). What he found was a repeating musical pattern four notes long, a-b-c-d, a-b-c-d etc... As the complexity of the organism increased, the musical pattern would be more complex. He thought this might explain why certain people like certain music, because it more closely approximates their DNA structure or harmonizes with them (like pattern matching or beat matching). He also speculated that if we dug up Mozart, we might be able to find entire symphonies in his DNA sequence. Symphonies that he wrote down on paper while he was alive.  Maybe it 'felt good' to him to write those notes in those exact patterns. Extrapolating on that, for a while I had the idea of creating a universal song that would resonate with everyone. It would become an instant 'hit,' i.e.,  if God exists in all people, then the song that would resonate with everyone would closely approximate God -- really their 'souls' (rather than just DNA)."


[We thank all who have prayed for Maria and request that such prayers be maintained as she struggles with a mysterious, debilitating, and at times highly threatening illness]


April 2004 

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