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Family Of Esperanza Gathers At Special Betania 'Fire'

We miss our old friend Maria Esperanza de Bianchini, to say the least. The famous mystic died nearly two years ago, in August of 2004, and she was always a comfort. For those who are new to all this: she was connected with the Church-approved apparitions of Betania near Caracas, Venezuela.

We are reminded by her son-in-law, Carlos Marrero Bornn, that her alleged messages from Jesus always ended with the words, "I live among you in the most natural way." These struck us as especially poignant at this time when so many claim to see images of Him in natural objects.

While always careful not to go too far with this, when dismiss such inflections, small as they may seem, we lose the grace.

God is very subtle, always leaves room for faith, but does nothing frivolously.

Did the Bianchini family itself "see" such recently?

Sometimes we can see it. Sometimes we cannot. Some are clearer than others. All leave room for doubt -- and faith.

Notes our dear friend Carlos:

"Dear Michael, may God bless you, I am sure you remember well these words. Every message my mother-in-law received from Our Lord Jesus Christ, it used to end with the words: 'I live among you in the most natural way.'


"The reason why I am telling you this is because of what happened during our staying in Betania in Easter time. We spent one of the most wonderful Easter weeks in Betania. The whole family went; many wonderful things took place during our staying. One of them took place the night of the Last Supper, Thursday night. After that beautiful family dinner, we all went up to the mountain in which a house of prayer will be built with the name of 'The House of Loreto prayer home.'


"My wife Coromoto received the inspiration to gather the entire group, around 116 people, and share a vigil with the purpose of being with the Lord spiritually, the night before His Passion. We all gathered wood from the area and made a nice beautiful fire.


"Close to two o’clock in the morning, the fire started to get even more beautiful, the flames like in a vivid orange color. We were praying the Rosary and suddenly, in the middle of the fire, we started to notice an image that resembled the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ while He was praying on the Gethsemane Garden the night before His Passion.


"A friend of us whose name is Rosalba took a picture of it and it came out incredibly clear. I am sending the picture attached to this email, please watch it and tell me if you see it too.


"Love you very much and hope to see you soon,


"Carlos and the Bianchini family."



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