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Famed Mystic Makes Remarkable Rebound


She seemed on the way out. At one point, there had been no pulse, no brainwave activity, and no breathing. The famous mystic was on a respirator and other life-support systems and appeared virtually comatose.

There was no communication. A decision on maintaining life support was just days away. Those family members not with her in the United States -- in New Jersey, where she has been hospitalized periodically, often in critical condition, since last winter -- were summoned from faraway Caracas, Venezuela. When they arrived at JFK International Airport in New York Sunday, a businessman who has been helping the family prepared to tell them -- daughters, a son, sons-in-laws, grandchildren -- that she was on the verge of death and not to expect more than that.

But once more -- against the odds, and to the bewilderment of medical practitioners -- Maria Esperanza Medrano de Bianchini suddenly revived after the arrival of her relatives and a Mass in her room, opening her eyes and breathing on her own to such a extent that -- to the shock of those hovering over the situation -- she was taken off the respirator.

Continuation of prayers is urged, although for now her pulse has returned to normal as have her sugar levels, all of which were at extremely dangerous levels.

No one but God knows what Esperanza's true prognosis is, but for now, family members are thanking the thousands who have prayed for the stigmatic, whose site of apparitions has won rare Church approval and who many consider the greatest mystic since St. Padre Pio.

July 2004

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