The Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist  by Father Robert DeGrandis
The wonderful book brings forth the deep, heavenly insight into God's greatest gift of love for the human race - the Holy Eucharist.  Father DeGrandis is a charismatic bestseller. CLICK HERE


A great mystery of our faith is the power of Christ as Infant. When we invoke Him under that stage of His life, there is an extraordinary, healing, and protective grace. Let's remember that it was with the Infant that Mary first appeared at Medjugorje in 1981, and also the Child Who on one famous occasion appeared to Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima. In 1925 Lucia received an apparition of the Virgin with the Child at which time the Child spoke, telling Lucia to have compassion on His mother's heart, which was pierced by the thorns of ingratitude. 

Through history, Mary has often appeared -- hundreds of times -- with the Infant, and with Him comes tremendous force. From the Child is a unique power. Something very special touches the Heart of God when we seek His Son as the Infant, and this array of grace -- this special power -- is best invoked at Mass and especially at Christmas. 

So precious is the Mass and invoking the Infant that saints would have eliminated everything in their lives but the Eucharist. They were tortured for it. They were martyred for it. During winter Francis de Sales crawled on an icy beam of wood to cross a stream that separated him from church.

Clearly, he understood what we should all understand: that Mass is the most powerful act in the universe. During Mass we are not only sitting with Christ during the Last Supper, but also revisiting all aspects and the very onset of His life. 

Think about that. Think about the fact that Mass transports us into the time of Jesus. Mass replays every event in Jesus' life and for that matter every major event leading up to it. We get this through the Gospels. We get this through other Scriptural readings. And we get it through the precious Eucharistic rituals.

During Mass we relive the life of Christ -- of his adulthood, of His infancy--  with an intimacy unknown even to His disciples. We are with Him as God devised the plan of salvation. We are with Mary when His birth is announced. We relive the appearance of Gabriel. We are with Him at His conception. We're with Him when His power touches Elizabeth from the womb of Mary. We're with Him at His birth. We're with Him as He is wrapped in swaddling clothes, and when the wise men visit, and we're with Him as visitors wonder at the majesty of this impoverished Infant. We're with Him when they flee to Egypt.

For during Mass, during the Eucharist, we are declaring ourselves a part of His mission. We're declaring a willingness to follow in His footsteps. We're acknowledging His great act of redemption.

That's the enormity of power available to you this week and every week. That's the gravity of the moment. That's the transcendental nature -- the truly miraculous nature -- of "Christ Mass."

It brings back Calvary. It keeps giving us His Blood. It defeats all sin.

This Christmas, wipe the slate clean; take your faults to the Infant; ask for His cleanness, His purity.

He'll give that to you. He'll forgive you. He'll let you turn over a new leaf. As St. Francis de Sales said, "In no action does Our Savior show Himself more loving or more tender than in this one, in which, as it were, He annihilates Himself and reduces Himself to food in order to penetrate our souls and unite Himself in the hearts of His faithful."

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