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In Times Of Turmoil, Tension, Or Trouble, Head For The Solace Of The Eucharist

By Michael H. Brown

 [adapted from Secrets of the Eucharist]

When we find ourselves in times of tension, when we're nervous or saddened, or scared, the greatest refuge is in the Eucharist. It's where we find guidance. It's where we find light (the Light) That's because during Mass we're part of the heavenly court. We receive the Holy Spirit. This is a key verb: receive. We're surrounded by angels.

Back a couple years ago I received a letter from a woman who lives in Minnesota. I get many letters, but this one touched me. She sounded very level-headed and recounted how, in 1986, during Consecration of the Eucharist, "I looked up and all of a sudden I could see with my physical eyes a multitude of adoration angels, suspended in a devout posture, encircling the altar, adoring the Eucharist -- Jesus. Their presence enhanced the devotion to God within my own heart. At the very moment of Consecration, several angels were lying prostrate at the foot of the altar. I noticed every single adoration angel positioned lower than the Eucharistic Host as Father held it up for all to praise and take notice of. Many were dressed in light, translucent gowns of heavenly colors shown in pinks, aqua, yellow, blue, and green, bathed in light. I was given the knowledge that these are adoration angels and their place before God is to adore the Eucharistic Jesus during Mass and they are always present during Consecration."

I have spoken to others and read historic cases that bear the vision out: During Mass, there is tremendous supernatural activity. The church is full of heavenly spirits. Especially present are the Blessed Virgin. St. Joseph, and the Archangel Michael, who is the Church's protector. And the other angels. The countless angels. The angels just as there were angels present at Christ's birth and His trial in the desert. Angels just as there were angels at His tomb after the Resurrection. They remind us that Jesus is special. He is not to be looked upon as just a historical figure. He exists at the spiritual plane and as such is closer to us than ever.

Christ is Spirit. He is everywhere all at once and sends forth special blessings -- His incomparable Presence -- when we do what He told us to do and partake of the Eucharist.

"For I shall see you again, and your hearts will be full of joy, and that joy no one shall take from you" (John 16:22).

It's during Mass that we "see" Him. It's during the Eucharist that we are most closely in touch with Him. It's during Mass that a window is opened to the spiritual dimension -- and we are surrounded with the same light, the same joy, that St. Faustina and St. Teresa of Avila felt and saw enveloping them.

During Mass God's power manifests itself in a living light, a life-giving, joyful light that serves as the extreme opposite and antidote of darkness.

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