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By Michael H. Brown

Whether or not the crash of American Flight 587 in New York City was a mechanical failure or terrorists, it's obvious that the city is under some sort of evil cloud. We know that this sounds harsh, and it's not meant to. It's meant to marshal prayer. We have heard this term used in two recent prophecies -- both documented before the events of September 11. One was the so-called 1990 prophecy that we first reported last June 27 and which stated bluntly that "New York City is under an evil cloud and will be for 12 years." It warned that "the pride there will be broken," and the prophecy came to mind two months later when the World Trade Center (which many considered New York's pride and joy) came crumbling down.  

Then last week we learned that in a book called Fast Lane to Heaven, Ned Dougherty, a New York area man, claimed he had a near-death experience and that during it a woman he identifies as the Virgin Mary (we are still discerning this), indicated a terrorist threat on New York. When we called him up, Ned startled us by using a similar term in stating that he had a vision of destruction in the city. "Every time I tried to go into Manhattan, I had difficulty breathing," he said. "It seemed like there was a negative cloud (our emphasis) over that city for me" [see this story].

We are thus meant to pray for repentance and a lifting of this cloud. We must pray for New Yorkers. We must pray that folks there and everywhere realize the true reason for what is going on. 

Again, it doesn't matter whether it's a terrorist or an accident. In a chastisement, events of all kinds occur for many different reasons. We are not meant to fear them, but neither are we meant to ignore them. As Scripture tells us, the truth sets us free. The 1990 prophecy said that before the major chastisements events will occur on a regional scale and will not usually be recognized as such, as we have seen since September 11. We found it eerie that in researching Sent To Earth, the three places we chose to visit in studying the possible scenarios for chastisement in New York were the World Trade Center, the New York City Emergency Management Center, and Rockaway Beach (although what we envisioned as most likely to happen was a hurricane). Two of the three were destroyed September 11, while Rockaway was where the jet hit.

And what is the truth of Flight 587? 

Only time will tell. We hope and pray that the government is fully leveling with us. We say this because folks who have been in that Queens neighborhood for 50 years say in all that time there has been no similar mishap. There is always a first time, although we are concerned about whether the full truth has come out about the flight that blew up in 1996 just off Long Island (in fact, right near a shrine that Dougherty saw in a vision), and there was also the flight that crashed into the ocean off Nova Scotia in 1998. There was also the case of Egypt Air Flight 990 in 1999, whereby a co-pilot was heard chanting a Muslim prayer about death before the flight system was oddly disengaged. 

Much more recently -- in fact, since September 11 -- we have had a Russian flight from Israel down; a major mishap on an Italian airfield; a Greyhound bus driver stabbed as a foreigner took control of the wheel and crashed the vehicle; an attempted hijacking of a medical plane in New Mexico; the anthrax scares; the arrest of a foreigner with knives and Mace trying to board a plane in Chicago; and other situations that have been pooh-poohed as accidents or coincidence or copycats. The New York crash may indeed have been mechanical; there are indications the problem could have started in the engine.

Maybe, but let's always remember what the Bible says about truth and let's be truthful: we need to root both our own evil and the terrorists out. We need to clean house. And that doesn't mean sweeping anything -- including deep spiritual problems -- under the rug. The less evil there is, the less terrorism or accidents or whatever it can attract.

O, New York, city I loved, city of my youth, city where I once live; city of goodness but also astonishing debauchery; city of materialism and sensuality and pride; city that had grown too irreverent; capital of worldliness; mecca of pro-choice: O great New York take a moral tally and forget the defiance and ask forgiveness before venting anger!

Ask forgiveness and the prayers we will all say -- must say -- will get you and us through this.

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