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The world of spiritual warfare, like that in many aspects of alleged mystical phenomena, often involves happenings that seem "out there" -- in a word, incredible.

There are constant reports, these days, now even in the mainstream, secular, mechanistic media, of "haunted happenings."

The spiritual world, in some regards (unfortunately, often in a dark regard), has gone mainstream.

How many such accounts can we believe?

Some look like something right out of a horror movie, complete with phenomena that seem like special effects (shoves, pushes, mysterious writing, a victim climbing a wall, backwards, the appearance of  numerous flies or a red-like liquid).

Sometimes, priests are the witnesses (since they are among the first to be called in). Just the other day, Father Gabriele Amorth, the famous exorcist, allowed a reporter to witness a deliverance.

It's ironic how so many people out there (in the secular world) keep clergy at arm's length, or even express outright disdain for them -- until there's a frightening attack by the evil one. Then, it's "call an exorcist."

Here's the first few sentences of an article last week (11/22/14) over the Associated Press:

"CAMDEN, New Jersey ó As security guard Carlos Cadiz walked down the sixth-floor hallway around 2:30 a.m. making his nightly rounds, the air around him started to feel cooler, denser. He fought back an overwhelming feeling that someone was striding along with him, close but not quite touching his arm. Suddenly, a locked door leading to the old jail started rattling violently. 'I just ran for the elevator,' Cadiz, a guard at Camden City Hall, told The Philadelphia Inquirer. 'I got out of there fast as I could.'" Let us know your experiences.

One thing for sure: "ghost-hunting" is to ask for trouble. Evil spirits can mimic the deceased. Ouija boards can be devastating.

In a recent "special report," we looked in some depth at manifestations of evil, including personal experiences. One "out there" example: a personal account of seeing a strange big black car (Cadillac or Lincoln) in Lewiston, New York (one that seemed to have a reddish interior glowing softly, accenting the round face of a sinister-looking driver dressed in a black suit). In a way that almost seemed contrived, it had a license plate with three "sixes" and no other numbers or letters.

A prank?

You discern. It didn't seem like it.

And seems others -- or at least one other, allegedly -- have had that experience.

"My husband and I were traveling from Pennsylvania to Washington D.C. along I 95," wrote viewer Michelle Espinosa after reading the report. "As we approached the city, I noticed the car passing on our left had a license plate with 666. I looked at the driver to see who would have such a license plate. He had already passed  us and when I looked, his head was unnaturally turned and looking directly at me. It gave me chills and I never forgot it. I didnít share this experience with anyone for many years. BTW, it was a black car. I donít know the make but it was a large car like a Lincoln, maybe."

[resources: Special report: personal accounts of the demonic accent heightened evil and spiritual warfare books]

[Feedback: "Hello to you, and thank you for Spirit Daily! I check it every morning and then later again each afternoon. I hope it continues and continues... ! Regarding today's headline story from one of your Special Reports, I would like to tell you about my late husband's similar experience with 'something' driving a car. He and an assistant worked daily in NYC cleaning graffiti and offering other building services. One day as they entered lower Manhattan (I don't recall what highway they were on) but it was very early in the morning and at about sunrise, when they noticed a big, dark car in the lane next to them. As they got nearer to the vehicle, my husband observed a 'dark haired person' (he thought female, but it 'could' have been a male) driving along with (her) hand out the car's window. The middle finger of that hand was raised. The driver appeared to be giving everyone 'the finger.' My husband's assistant was the first to look closely at the person driving the car; he began screaming and asked my husband to get away as fast as possible. The assistant (who claimed to be a non-believer) was crying that the car's driver must be 'the devil' or something. My husband took a good look as he quickly got alongside and then past, and described the driver as having a 'leering grin and no eyes.' Where eyes should have been, there were black holes. This entity was driving straight but 'looking' sideways at the other vehicles. My husband did not tell me about this on the day it occurred; he told me a few days after 9/11/2001. With hindsight, he truly believed he had seen the evil which was to bring down the Twin Towers and wreak havoc on our country, as it arrived in New York City. His assistant couldn't even speak about it. I was astounded this morning, to read two similar accounts. God Bless, Elaine McColga"]

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