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"Dear children, today I wish to call you to pray, pray, pray," said a message in 1985 from Medjugorje. "In prayer you shall perceive the greatest joy, and the way out of every situation that has no exit."

Those are dramatic words: situations that seem to have no exits. We've all experienced that: what seems frightening, or without a solution. So it is that we pray for the U.S. and its leaders -- who find themselves in a tremendous predicament. On the one hand there is no doubt that they must stop the threat of terrorists. At this hour some form of military incursion into Afghanistan and perhaps other Muslims nations seems all but inevitable. It could be hard to find the terrorists, and at the same time such an action may provoke  jihad -- a "holy" war -- that spreads across Islam. Here at home, any attack against Osama bin Ladin could lead to more acts of terrorism. 

It's a situation that seems to have no exit and yet through prayer President Bush will be guided to make decisions that find a miraculous solution. In fact, only through prayer -- not politics, not diplomacy, not ratiocination -- will the exact right measures be found. This is also true in our lives: prayer offers surprising answers. When we're confronted with what seems impossible, we pray and with sudden clarity see the way out. You know how it is: Often we find ourselves in what seems like a bleak place. Often we can't imagine how to solve a problem. Often we find ourselves in situations that seem to have no good alternative. 

It could be a financial crisis. It could be a problem with one's career. It could be a dilemma with children. 

From time to time we all feel painted into a corner.

That's the time to pray. That's the time to drop everything and lift the heart upward. It's remarkable how solutions wing into our heads during prayer -- answers that would otherwise allude us.

Is that to downplay the serious nature of our time? Not at all. It's an exceedingly dangerous time, and we won't sugarcoat that. It's the "feelgood" attitude in modern New Age America -- the attitude that we can't issue serious admonitions -- that has led to a downward spiritual spiral. We need only turn to Matthew 24 to see the tone that Christ took. 

But as we have said throughout this crisis, there is also no room for fear. Those who fear -- who can't face a serious situation -- need to pray. When they do they will see their fear dissipate like fog in the sunshine of morning. If you're afraid, if you feel scared, you need to increase your praying. With prayer comes faith and with faith there is no room for the slightest trepidation. While it's crucial to recognize the serious nature of what's going on, more crucial is the need to increase supplications. This is also true in our daily lives. The current crisis is not just political; the attack is also on a personal level. At the same time that America faces geopolitical evils, so do we face a rush of personal evil.

But once more this is stopped by prayer. With prayer, anything is possible. Do you have a spouse who is looking for a fight? A friend or co-worker who sends you fiery darts? A child who just won't come to God?

It is a time of great evil assault but we forget the words of Ephesians: draw the strength from the Lord and His mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. Our battle is not against human foes but against the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness -- the evil spirits who hover in regions above. Stand fast. Use truth as your belt, and justice as your breastplate. Use faith as your shield. Do we face serious times? You better believe it. But we must never forget the dramatic words of Medjugorje. "Advance against satan by means of prayer," the Virgin said in 1985. "Put on the armor for battle and with the Rosary in your hand, defeat him! May prayer reign in the whole world (1989). Through prayer you can prevent wars from happening; with prayer you can stop wars (1982). With prayer you can even suspend the laws of nature.

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