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By Michael H. Brown

If you are in any form of fear, cast it out. That's right. Get rid of it. That sounds easier said than done -- and sometimes it is. We're in a tense time. No one would deny that. But we don't take enough time to calm down. Here's a simple but powerful truth: with sufficient prayer, all fear leaves.

And so we see that when there is too much fear, there is a spiritual lacking. There is an imbalance. All of us go through this, because few of us pray as much as the Bible recommends, which is without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). When God is always on our lips and minds fear vanishes.

That's because prayer brings faith and faith brings the positive. Faith brings protection.  No matter what it is we fear -- illness, terrorism, the boss at work -- prayer offers a buffer. Prayer is the best medicine. As it says in Ephesians (6:16), faith should be held up as a shield against the fiery darts of the evil one, which are then extinguished.

When you're going into a situation that you fear or that may bring a fiery dart, say a prayer. Say it with FAITH. This will reduce the "zingers." You know how it is: every so often the devil sends you a sting. It can be in something someone does. It can be in what someone says. It can be in an e-mail!

As soon as the sting comes, stop what you are doing and pray until the anger or fear or rejection in you passes. Then you know you have the shield, and every time you do this, the shield will strengthen. It will become more effective. Soon, it will be impenetrable. The mistake we make is wallowing in any form of negativity. If someone insults you or hurts you, say little about it. Talking can magnify the sting. Only pray. When we pray instead of dwelling on it, it leaves much sooner.

The same is true of fear. Fear is a great device of the devil, who likes to make himself look bigger than he really is; it is a great device of intimidation; it must be cast out. When you feel fear come, settle yourself into prayer and specifically command the spirit of fear away. "I command you, spirit of fear, by the power of God, in the Name of Jesus, to leave me and my surroundings and go to the foot of the cross to be disposed of according to the will of the Father. Never to return. Sealed against."

Try that next time fear comes. Try that next time a thought or news item or anything causes trepidation. Try it enough and the spirit of  fear will become afraid of you and (if you pray enough) will never return.

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