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Exorcist Spoke The Truth About Hitler, Stalin, And Potter As Forces Of Evil One

There are some matters to do with evil that we must tend. Call them loose spiritual ends. Never pleasant, it is necessary to know about the manifestations of darkness.

Because the devil is a spirit being, and in the dark, none of us knows everything about him. But we all have certain perceptions.

A shame it was to read last week that two priests in Singapore were being sued for performing an exorcism. The last thing we need is discouraging those few clerics courageous enough to undertake such a task. Let us pray.

To know that evil is rampant is especially to see the overt manifestations in places such as Asia, India, and Africa.

In these places are actual crises.

Strange, inexplicable fires have been erupting in a Ugandan town called Anaka -- at least one a day -- exploding even in the camera of one foreign investigator. They call it "spontaneous combustion." It was noted by none other than Time Magazine, in line with this outbreak, that a major leader in a rebel army there is a practitioner of black magic.

When even Time leads one to believe the supernatural may be at work, it is a strong manifestation.

Such reports also come by way of schoolchildren in Eastern Africa who claim assault by "poltergeists" (schools are regularly closed as a consequence) and by way of peasants in India, where strange "creatures" of the night have caused actual panic. It should not surprise us from nations that are so steeped in voodoo and paganism.

From Mexico earlier this week was the report we carried of a village amid the lagoons and volcanoes that serves as a center for black magic (drawing visits from certain movie stars).

What about subtler manifestations?

There is the New Age, and it can infiltrate even devotional Catholicism. Here everyone has viewpoints! One priest who opines on the internet made two remarks that we have been questioned about. The controversy: he said that giving a name to a guardian angel, something a number of Christians do, is "new age." We're not sure if we would label it that, but it's probably best not to delve into this realm of names. While it may be harmless, evil spirits often mimic angels or spirits of the deceased, which is why we do not conjure those who have expired (the sin of necromancy).

What about "generational healing" -- in which darkness from ancestry is thought to affect the living? The objection here is that the healing is done by "appeasing" ancestral spirits, which in fact is not at all how such healing is conducted. There are cases of darkness that cling to families. To say that purging such is evil reminds one of the complaint that Jesus was casting evil out by the power of the devil. Generational healing when prayers are said for a family line and the deceased is valuable.

In the mail the other day was a note from a priest who emphasized how rare possession is, and thus how infrequent is the need of an exorcist. It is something that only happens a few times a year, he indicated (to our recollection), and thus was not something that had to trouble more than a few bishops -- many of whom no longer staff an exorcist.

With all due respect, we differ strongly with such a view and believe that the devil attacks with great frequency, whether by way of harassment, infestation, obsession, oppression, or possession. The official exorcist in Rome, Father Gabriel Amorth, himself is said to have performed thousands of exorcisms. The number of infestations, meanwhile, is beyond count in many nations.

The crisis is not in the way of too many reporting the need for deliverance but rather in too few realizing the devil's influence (and doing something about it).

Jesus went about the countryside casting demons out right and left and admonishing us to do the same and so we have to use that as the starting point of both discussion and perspective. When it comes to priests who specialize in demonology, there is a tremendous shortage.

This is something that is often stated by Father Amorth, who is the author of an excellent book we highly recommend called An Excorist Tells His Story and who made headlines last week by courageously naming Satan as the force behind such things as Nazism and Communism. He revealed that Pope Pius XII had attempted a "long distance" exorcism of Hitler. It was all said during an interview on Vatican Radio.

While some in the secular press mocked that perception, the truth is that Adolph Hitler showed every sign of possession. During his Confirmation, Hitler, raised a Catholic, turned sulky and seemed repulsed by the ritual.

The future leader of Germany (and slayer of millions) was also prone, in the words of one biographer, to "satanic trances."

Hitler would turn pale, take on a sinister countenance, and launch into impassioned speeches in a hoarse, raucous voice -- a voice with a supernatural charism.

"It was as if another being spoke out of his body, and moved him as much as it did me," remembered a close friend named August Kubizek. "It was not all a case of a speaker carried away by his own words. I rather felt as though he himself listened with astonishment and emotion to what burst forth from him with elementary force." A number of biographers have mentioned that the fuhrer often woke at night screaming of a dark presence in his room.

When Hitler was recovering from war injuries in the Prussian Military Reserve Hospital at Pasewalk, he heard voices that told him he was Germany's messiah. Later, his reich would be full of occultists, especially the SS (which was laden with astrologers). Hitler himself wrote a poem about the horrid Nordic-demon-god Wotan and a "magic formula."

The swastika itself is an occult symbol going back at least to Mesopotamian times, and as for Stalin: the cruelty he exercised, and especially toward priests, said it all. The persecution of Christians by Communists -- who even nailed priests to the wall -- was satanic.

Thus, and despite the protests, Father Amorth knows of what he speaks. Hitler possessed? Stalin actually of the evil one?

Take a look at the history of Marx and you will be stunned to see actual poems he wrote to the force of darkness.

As the exorcist pointed out, we are in a time when evil is again rearing its head in a way that is highly pronounced. "Father Amorth said he thought one reason why the devil's influence was high today is that Christian faith has weakened, replaced in many cases by superstition and an interest in the occult, which he said 'open the way to demonic influences,'" reported Catholic News Service, although this good news service, owned by the U.S. bishops, did not mention something else that Father Amorth has said: that one manifestation of the devil is Harry Potter.

The exorcist claimed that reading the novels is dangerous because it opens a child’s mind to dabbling with the occult.

He said that Rowling’s books contain innumerable positive references to magic, "the satanic art," and added the books attempt to make a false distinction between black and white magic, when in fact, the distinction "does not exist, because magic is always a turn to the devil."

Father Amorth, who is president of the International Association of Exorcists, said of the J.K. Rowling books: “Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the devil.”

The secular reports mentioned his comments on Potter. But curiously, not the Catholic ones.

As for Hitler, his SS had designs for a city to rival the Vatican, and the symbols it used were a flashback both the ancient pagan sun signs and occult lightning bolts (hear the hiss in "SS").

"I often go on bitter nights/ to Wotan's oak in the quiet glade/ With dark powers to weave a union -- The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell/And all who are full of imprudence during the day/ Are made small by the magic formula."

That was written by Adolph Hitler himself, in case we need any more evidence.


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