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Cult That Claims First Clone Is Based On UFOs And Imbues The Spirit Of Anti-Christ

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By Michael H. Brown

First story

Hold onto your horses if there is any truth at all to the claim that the first known human clone -- a girl named "Eve" -- has been born. This would be huge, the greatest challenge in human history to God's province as Creator. The meddling with plants and animals has been frightening enough, but taking it to the level of humans would be the most dangerous, irresponsible, and evil act in modern times -- comparable in every way to the deeds of technicians who worked for Hitler. That the allegedly cloned girl would come around Christmas and be named "Eve" is a double slap to the Lord of the Old Testament and a clear indication that evil is beginning to make its boldest move.

If this is all true -- and we underscore the word if -- there has been a titanic sea change in human spiritual history. This is not a medical story. It is the story of the devil rising, of Lucifer attempting once more to assume the Throne. He will be thrown back to the pit, yes, but in the meantime promises to take all too many with him. If true this development will lead to a swarm of more clones and a great acceleration in dangerous world disasters.

There is no way to overstate the implications of an artificially-constructed human. Is it -- she -- really human? Does she have a soul? What is the future of the human race if it veers onto a path in which humans are designed henceforth according to the plans of other humans, with the evil promise of longer life and genetically superior beings?

If the claim by the bizarre Raelian cult is true, God will deal with those questions. He and He alone will know if a clone has a soul. He and He alone will handle this enormously momentous matter. But we can say this: the Raelians exude a great aura of the demonic and those who pray must now pray on all continents to save the "Raelian" souls, to break their hold -- and to halt anyone else attempting to clone babies. For whether or not the Raelians, through their "Clonaid" division, have made a baby, it appears someone soon will. Just last month another scientist in Italy, the controversial doctor Severino Antinori, announced that the first human baby clone would be born in January 2003. Speaking at a news conference in Rome on November 26, the researcher said three women he has treated are now carrying fetus clones in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

Where is this all to take place? Is it true that at least one clone is Arab? Is it true that birth will be given in Belgrade -- where the devil long ago raised the red star and where (last time we visited) there is satanic graffiti in the downtown?

Yes, strong language here: for Satan is afoot and whether or not the Raelians have actually succeeded, it is clear we are on the way to this great new evil. What do we see with the Raelians? Who are they? They are in need of our prayers. They are a cult that was founded by a Frenchman named Claude Virilhon -- now known as "Rael." He lives in Quebec. The Raelians, who claim 55,000 followers worldwide, believe life on earth was established by extra-terrestrials who arrived in flying saucers 25,000 years ago, and that humans themselves were created by cloning. According to reports, the movement's founder, a former journalist, "describes himself as a prophet and claims that cloning will enable humanity to attain eternal life. The sect believes that aliens created humans by altering genes and placing them on earth. That notion has prompted the group to become the first to create a cloned baby."

When we tried to reach them a year ago to probe the chance they would actually clone a human it was obvious that they would not grant us an interview. They insisted on us taking a pre-interview survey that we ignored. It is an anti-Christian organization -- it blames religion for terrorism -- and personifies the rising spirit of anti-christ. Whether or not they are the first to actually clone a baby, the group also personifies the dangers of UFOs -- which in many instances are demonic and which we call "the great deception."

"The Raelian tradition is unique among UFO groups in that it offers a creation story that ties it to the sacred books of the monotheistic traditions," notes one website. "The core idea is that the ancient Hebrew concept Elohim should have been translated as 'those who came from the sky' rather than 'God.' The Elohim come from another planet and are responsible for the creation of life on this planet. Claude Vorilhon was the person chosen by the Elohim to bring the news of humankind's origins to the people of the planet Earth. The Elohim gave him the name Rael and also assigned him the responsibility of telling the news of the return of the Elohim. In his book, The Final Message, Rael tells of his first encounter with the Elohim extraterrestrials. On the morning of December 13, 1973, Claude Vorilhon was driving to an office in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where he worked as a journalist for a racing car magazine. However, he felt compelled to drive past the office and visit a nearby volcano in Auvergne, France instead. When he arrived at the volcano, called Puy-de-Lassolas, Vorilhon parked his car and proceeded to make his way on foot toward the center of the crater, so as to stretch his legs and take in some of the cool, misty morning air. Upon reaching the top of the volcano, he obtained the breathtaking view of the village of Clermont-Ferrand and reflected in appreciation that thousands of years ago the crater had shot out streams of hot molten lava. (The Final Message,  pg.19) After this reflection, Vorilhon turned to leave and walked back down the slope of the volcano.

"As he was about to get into his car and drive away, he turned to take one last look at the volcano, and it was then that he saw a flashing red light descending toward him. (pg. 20) Vorilhon described the light as resembling that of a helicopter. However, unlike a helicopter or any other earthly flying machine, the approaching red light made absolutely no noise. When the object emitting the light was about 20 meters above him, Vorilhon noted its flattened shape, and identified it as a flying saucer.

"The saucer, according to Vorilhon, had a diameter of about 7 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. The red flashing light was on its underside, and there was an extremely intense white light on the top. The saucer stopped descending when it was 2 meters above ground and a door on its underside opened to allow a stair to unfold and reach the ground. A human-like space creature proceeded to walk down these stairs. Vorilhon has described the individual as being about 4 feet tall with pale green skin, almond-shaped eyes, and long dark hair."

Whether or not this group of poor, misguided souls has actually succeeded in cloning, they point up the risk of the ufology that is rampant in the world; the dabbling with occult notions; and the rising anti-Christian spirit, one that will bring great new danger to an already danger-filled world.

Whether Or Not It's A Hoax, Clone Claim Is Warning About Time Of 'False Prophet'

By Michael H. Brown

Second story

Whether or not it's a hoax, the huge splash made by a UFO cult called the Raelians (claiming to have cloned the first human), sends a chilling prophetic reminder. That reminder is that we live during an age that can increasingly expect false prophets. They may seem small right now -- too eccentric to pose a real threat -- but they break important barriers.

Was a barrier broken with the first human clone (a seven-pound girl)? We'll wait for the DNA testing. But let us say this: even if it is not true, the very splash made by Raelians and their "Clonaid" division -- led by a false prophet named Claude Vorilhon, a.k.a. Rael -- prepares and inures the public for future cloning and a change in world view that diverts dramatically from Christianity. 

Although a miniature "false prophet" (certainly not of the stature implied in the Book of Revelation), Rael and his Raelians grant us a foretaste of the great deception. He claims to have been conceived on Christmas Day (December 25, 1945), as we know the spirit of falsity, of anti-christ, mimics Jesus. The clone itself allegedly came just after Christmas this year (and has been named "Eve," as if to supplant biblical history). Meanwhile, Rael's inspirations come, he tells us, from "extraterrestrials." They are almond-eyed entities and the one he first met (upon spotting a UFO back thirty years ago) looks like an alien messiah [see previous story].

It's hard to imagine a better foretaste of false prophecy. Let us pray for Vorilhon. Only God can judge him. But how else does he inform us? The false prophet will claim to rescue humanity, according to some prophecies, coming after the great punishment (we'll speak of this next week), and here, with Rael, we have a man who claims to have a philosophy that will rescue the world's poor, ill, and otherwise marginalized. This is all displayed on his website. He preaches contraception and abortion -- the very things that have set the stage. We are to have self-love (and free sex). He preaches that we are to serve Man. "There is no soul," he has been informed by extraterrestrials, "but there is a marvelous genetic program. The first humans, our ancestors, were created scientifically by voluntary genetic manipulations, desired by humans from another planet. Our essence is by no means divine."

This is the very definition of the great deception that has taken many forms in the past hundred years and now is entering the stage of open expression.

In all probability, Rael will never be of significant stature, but his very appearance on the world scene serves as a forewarning. Whether or not this group has created a hoax, Raelians personify the spirit of anti-christ in denying God Himself -- in denying the Creator -- and promising an ungodly solution to the woes of our planet -- as has been foreseen for the anti-christ himself.

Is it really to be taken seriously? Let us warn that the more Raelians can take to the stage -- the more barriers they and other can breach -- the more unfazed society will be when the real deceiver comes. As such, we are seeing "forerunners." Does not Rael embody, in extreme, eccentric form, all the liberal tendencies in recent decades? He promises utopia on earth. He urges us to care only about the physical world. But unlike other false prophets -- unlike all the gurus and maharishis and meditators who have sprinted across the New Age landscape -- this one has opened the door to cloning -- or at least has begun the process of readying the public, of getting us beyond the shock and accustomed to the inconceivable.

At a time when we are warned about those who come as saviors, here we have Claude Vorilhon as something more than a huckster. And about this we pray. We pray for Raelians. We pray they are delivered. And we pray that the world awakens -- with urgency. For if nothing else, the bizarre cult's claim (once more, underline the word claim) that it has cloned the first human will spark a new race to manufacture humans.

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