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The same counties in the middle of the election storm also expect a real one

by Michael H. Brown

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       Incredibly, the same Florida counties that are at the center of the current election storm are also cited as overdue for what officials at the National Hurricane Center believe could be a  real storm -- in fact, a "mega-hurricane."

       All four counties in question -- Palm, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Collier -- are cited in the book we just released on natural disasters (Sent to Earth) as the most dangerous spots in the United States when it comes to potential natural disasters.

       There are a lot of places that can suffer disasters -- L.A., New Orleans, San Francisco -- but scientists I interviewed cited the corridor between Miami and West Palm Beach as America's most precarious.

         In the chastisement that I believe America now faces -- a chastisement because of sin -- Florida could well be the epicenter. 

        It's overdue for a storm of gigantic proportions.

        The highest level of storm, a category five, is expected within 75 miles of Miami every 32 years and it has been twice that long --nearly seventy years -- since the last.

       In the meantime, the population of Florida has skyrocketed. Each day an average 770 people move to the state, eighty percent to vulnerable coastal areas. 

       Where there were only 200,000 in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area during the last great hurricane, there are now more than three million. 

       And while the state has many great Christians -- prayer-warriors who may yet prevent such a catastrophe -- Florida, with its materialism, Santeria (a voodoo-like religion), and drugs, has become the focus for the kind of evil that draws purification.  

       It dodged a bullet in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew missed by twenty miles, but officials fear such luck is about to run out -- especially in a warming climate.  

       The warmer the water, the fiercer the hurricanes.

       "Florida has just been unbelievably spared," warns William Gray, the Colorado State University professor who has been uncanny in his hurricane season predictions. But he fears that we're entering a new hurricane up-cycle and that the huge storms of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s are about to return. 

       "If you go with the historical evidence, Florida is just a sitting duck," says Gray, describing the state as "a recipe for disaster."

       Officials fear that a storm could reach sustained winds of more than 200 miles an hour -- much greater than the 140 in Hurricane Andrew -- and span over hundreds of miles (where Andrew was a very small storm only thirty miles wide). From Miami to Jupiter Beach, apartments, condos, boutiques, hotels, resorts, plazas, gated communities, and stock brokerages --the richest of the rich -- stand on the shore like bowling pins. There are now mansions on parts of the coast that even during relatively moderate hurricanes like Betsy were under whitecaps.

      We can only imagine what would happen in a larger -- a much larger -- event.

      Had Hurricane Andrew hit Miami, it would have caused $80 billion in damage, destroying an estimated 100 hospitals, 125,000 businesses, and 225,000 homes. 

       That was a category four. What officials fear is a storm a full magnitude higher. In researching the book  I learned that during the Middle Ages mega-storms that may have had winds of 250 miles-an-hour and 60-foot storm surges lashed across the coast of Marco Island near Naples on Florida's west coast. "From the historical record there's evidence of some extreme hurricanes that hit this state from 800 A.D. to 1400 in the last global warming period," I was told by Erle Peterson of the Dade County emergency management office, who claims that Calusa Indian settlements were buried by sand hurled in gigantic ocean surges.

       In the coming run of disasters that America can expect -- in the chastisement that in my opinion has already begun -- the Palm Beach-Miami area could find itself at the epicenter. And if it does it will be America's first statewide hurricane disaster. We must pray for conversion. God and God alone will stop it.

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