Eucharistic Miracles by Joan C. Cruz
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American seer Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil once related that on at least one occasion the Virgin appeared to her in a way highly similar to the Miraculous Medal. "The heavenly Queen was dressed in a very long veil, mantle and robe," she wrote on May 31, 1957. "The latter was gathered at the waist by a wide sash, the ends hanging down towards the right side. The bright blue of her garments made it look as though she were clothed with the sky itself. A small gold crown encircled her head. A large gold star held the mantle in place. Scattered, rather far apart over the mantle and dress, also the veil, were tiny gold stars. On her feet Our Lady wore gold sandals. Etched around the whole Figure were rays of brilliant streaks of light. Within this light and surrounding her was a rosary. The small beads were white, the large ones, gold. The cross of the rosary, which was also of gold, hung suspended over her head. At Our Lady's left stood St. Michael, holding a golden globe, and on her right, St. Gabriel, holding a gold scepter. Both angels were robed in cloth of gold. Our Lady held in both hands a gold casket which seemed to be overflowing with sparkling gems of every sort."

This is strikingly like what St. Catherine Laboure saw in 1830 when Mary appeared to her in Paris  with "gems, some more beautiful than others," that emitted rays that burst on all side. But in this case the Virgin was coming as the "Queenship of Mary."

"Her whole bearing was was most queenly and regal, yet her smile was that of a loving Queen-Mother, most eager and anxious to bestow her treasures upon her children," wrote Sister Neuzil. "Then she spoke:

"I am the Queen of Heaven. These jewels are the graces with which I adorn my subjects. My Son wills that all grace should come through me as through a living channel. 

"Come to me, loyal subjects, loving children, that I may clothe you with the graces which will enable you to appear more fittingly before my King-Son. Come and receive the gems of Eternal Life."

"My sweet child," continued the Virgin, "I am indeed a Queen. I can obtain all things for my subjects, as my intercession is all-powerful with God. If only they had more confidence in my power and in the great desire I have to help them."

Sister Neuzil -- whose apparitions had the support of her spiritual director, who later became Cincinnati's archbishop -- described the "legions of angels" who surrounded Mary, including the Archangel Michael, who spoke to her. "They were all clad in armor and upon each breast-plate was a large red cross," she wrote in another letter. "They stood with drawn swords in their right hands and in their left a shield, like the one I described for you sometime earlier."

"Write!" said the chief. "I am Michael, Angel-Captain of the Lord God of Hosts. I come to announce the coming of the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Peace. The time is at hands. Repent, bestir yourselves, oh sons of men, repent and make ready your hearts that the King may establish His Kingdom within you. Do not delay or the time of grace will pass and with it the peace you seek.

"Behold," continued Michael. "The Queen of Angels and of men comes beforehand to make all things ready for her King-Son.

"My little sister, the message is a clear one, there is no doubt. Make it known, do not hesitate. I, Michael, have spoken."

Sister Neuzil died in January of 2000. There is now a move afoot to spread the messages, as well as the requests of the Virgin -- who asked that the American bishops install a statue of her as "Our Lady of America" at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington and to turn America back to purity...

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