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Letters to a 102-year-old nun emphasize the agony experienced by American seer Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil as the Catholic Church in the United States embarked on a course of modernism that all but shooed her and other nuns from a cloister and caused years of pain.

It was in December of 1977 that Sister Neuzil and six other nuns petitioned the generalate and council of their order to go their own way as contemplative nuns at a time when the order was moving in the direction of shedding habits as their garb, working into the community like ordinary citizens, and even living in apartments.

Not wanting that kind of existence and misunderstood by the mainstream of the order, which was based in Dayton, Ohio, the cloistered nuns were forced to set upon an independent course that took them through years of disputes with the order, financial woes, and troubles with increasing liberal Church authorities. 

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