Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing, by Fr. Dwight Longnecker, a new, powerful book showing how to use the Rosary and its mysteries and meditations to heal inner hurts, emotional distress, memories, trauma, stress, and pain -- replete with testimonies and examples of healing 'miracles' using Mary's way of prayer! Our highest recommendation.  CLICK HERE



There is Goran: A schizophrenic, homeless drug addict calls out to Mary, beginning an ascent from the streets to the life of a happy, healthy family man.

There is John. Driven by a need to be liked, a sad and lonely young man is embraced by Mary and discovers how deeply he is loved.

There is Papá Jaime: An open-hearted engineer descends into the sewers of Bogotá, Columbia, to save street children, and comes out a modern-day hero. nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

There is Angela. When God takes away the job she loves, a stripper's growing devotion to Mary and the Rosary turns an angry, despondent woman into a joyful warrior of prayer.

These are all accounts in a powerful new book called Full of Grace by Christine Watkins: miraculous stories of healing and conversion through the intercession of Mary at Medjugorje (the apparition site currently under Vatican investigation).

There is Michael:

Born in an affluent part of San Francisco, he is a former altar boy who ended up a cocaine addict. At Medjugorje, he realized his addiction "was a ploy of the devil" to keep him "trapped and confused in darkness."

"Shortly after this revelation, as we walked on in the dark night and were about to make a right turn toward the bed and breakfast, [a fellow pilgrim named] Matthew said to me suddenly, 'What's that?'" recounts this man in the book. "I looked up to see a brilliantly illuminated figure about fifty feet in front of us and off to the right. It was standing ten feet tall and eight or ten feet off of the ground -- low enough to be partially obstructed by bushes and high enough to be seen above the trees.

"It glowed with an other-worldly intensity and quality of light that defied the laws of physics: although its brightness could have lit up an entire stadium, it shed no light on its surroundings, nor did it hurt our eyes.

"The illumination appeared in the shape of Mary on the Miraculous Medal -- the image that God gave to St. Catherine Labouré in 1830, with Mary's arms extended slightly away from her sides and her palms tilted upward, in a gesture of offering grace to the world.

"After following it for about a city block, we darted into an open, grassy field, and there we saw the spectacular figure in full view. It stopped directly in front of us, and we immediately fell to our knees, overwhelmed.

"Without saying anything, she started to move again, pulling away and up the hill, this time moving faster than before. We sprang to our feet and into a sprint, pursuing her excitedly up the main road. After chasing her a few hundred yards, we attempted to take a shortcut by entering the front gates of a newly constructed building at the top of the hill. Out of breath and exhilarated, we found ourselves within the fenced-in courtyard of a property that looked to me much like a California winery.

Not wanting to lose sight of her, I ran up the side of a six-foot-high mound of dirt and peered over the fence to see her bright figure, several hundred yards away, more toward the lower side of Cross Mountain, and come to rest there. Then in the blink of an eye, she vanished from the hillside.

"Thrilled, yet confused, and half-mile off course, Matthew and I looked at each other in wide-eyed amazement. 'What just happened? What does it all  mean?' we asked. In a daze, we wandered back to the bed-and-breakfast and almost woke up our friends and family in order to share our excitement, but decided to wait until morning.

"We talked into the night, stirring up more questions than answers, and finally fell asleep as the sun rose over Cross Mountain."

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